T206 affordable autograph: Nick Evans.

Nick Evans, a 23-year-old from Phoenix, began the 2009 season in Triple-A Buffalo, but was sent down to Double-A Binghamton. On June 19, Evans was called up by the Mets.

He hit his first home run of the year on June 24. On August 25, he was recalled (along with pitcher Pat Misch) when Billy Wagner was traded to the Boston Red Sox and Johan Santana was placed on the 15-day DL.

Mr. Evans wasn't all that much of a factor this past season; he struggled. Mets manager Jerry Manuel said of him, "he is probably one of those guys that we probably pushed a little too early, and then when you do that it appears that his stock has fallen, but it hasn't." Nick Evans had only 64 at-bats and hit .219 with seven RBIs and one home run.

We got this card on eBay for less than two bucks.He'll do better. So will his cards.


dayf said...

The boy needs to work on his penmanship more than his batting... The card is very nice otherwise.

paulsrandomstuff said...

Nick needs to hope for a trade or a new manager, I think.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

nice card! I got nicks auto in person at the end of 2008 at ol shea, he was a pretty nice guy.

G_Moses said...

You can't beat the price you got. 64 at bats isn't enough time to prove anything. I don't know why so many managers are willing to work with such a small sample size to determine a players value.

badwax said...

Hey it's mike from bad wax. Is there anyway you could email me a high res scan of the back of this card? I am trying to design a custom using this template. If you could email me at chemgod1000@yahoo.com I would forever be indebted to you :)

badwax said...

it's mike from badwax. Is there any way you can scan the back of this card for me? I was trying to make a custom card based on this design but I need a scan of the back of the card. You can email it to me at chemgod1000@yahoo.com. Thanks so much in advance.