A T206 team collation question.

Due to a small malfunction in our naively hopeful acceptance of Dave and Adam's Card World 'free shipping,' which apparently takes a minimum of 11 days to arrive, we won't be opening our Christmas hobby box until next week. In the meantime, Lucy gave me a T206 blaster to open; we thought we'd break it down for you. We wondered if this is typical of the T206 retail you've gotten in terms of team coverage. First, there were eight reg'lar Yankees

and two Yanqui minis, one of which we display lower down this post. Ten = one-fifth of all the cards in the box!!

There were no more than four cards in any other team or style. For instance, we found four "vintage" players. The Johnny Mize is our favorite

complete with corporately provided prefab smudge, always in the same exact place on the back of the card, yet always forcing you to wonder if the card has been defiled by chocolate pudding, stray coffee grounds, or worse. There was also this fellow lurking amidst the packs:

Mr. Honus "Blurry--Couldn't You Do Better Than This, Toppsy?" Wagner. Also, he is wearing the wrong jersey, as you can see:

but whatev. Four Mets were strewn amidst the packs, including a bronze Reyes, a smiley Santana, David Wright #171, and this excellent John Maine:

By the way, do 2009 Topps T206-style baseball cards have an "Effort Face" subtheme?:

The clear answer is yes, they do.

There were four Red Sox in this blaster (Lowell, Reddick, Ellsbury and Lester) (don't blink, oh too late, a lot of these team affiliations are already incorrect); four Phillies (Mayberry, Lidge, Utley and the ruthlessly banished Cliff Lee--to be honest we hope that he helps rock the Mariners):

three Dodgers:

two Braves (Hudson, above, and a bronze Kotchman); two White Sox; two Tigers (Cabrera and Floyd), two Royals (DeJesus and

Greinke); one lonely National (a bronze Zim); two Astros (Lee, bronzed and not); an A (bronze Barton), a Twin (Liriano); a Brewer (Weeks); and a bronze Diamondback (the Effortface Garland above).

Here are the minis:

1 Ray RC (Perez); 2 Rockies (Helton and Stewart); 1 Indian (Sowers); 2 Yankees (Pena and Pettite); 1 A (Anderson, Polar Bear); and the sole Cub of the entire box, Rich Harden (Old Mill). Is this team collation pretty average? We're lucky to get any Mets, but do you often get TEN Yankees in a box of 48 cards? Again, that is 21 percent of the box! As opposed to 8 percent Phillies, 8 percent Mets, and so on down the line.

What hath Topps team collation wrought?


paulsrandomstuff said...

I haven't looked at the checklist for T206... exactly how Yankee-centric is it?

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Merry Christmas to you! I have a present for you, but im not sure if you already have it. Ill just say it, do you need the adam dunn mini from t206? how about a david wright regular sized? let me know!

Dinged Corners said...

There you go being all logical, paulsrandomstuff. :)
Mario had a link to the checklist here: http://completist.wordpress.com/2009/08/21/topps-t-206-baseball-preview/ and it doesn't look insanely Yankee-centric.

G_Moses said...

Well, the "or worse" was probably the funniest quip I've read in a while.

Sooz said...

I never get that many Yankees in any box. I could only be so lucky,