Top Ten 1969 Topps Strangely Placed Name Circles.

#10. Okay, maybe the circle placement isn't terrible here. But the circle/giant helmet juxtaposition, along with Mr. Cullen's outstretched imploring hand, deserves attention.

9. Circle-head balance: excellent.

8. Mr. McNally is trying to distract us from the tiny head behind him and the giganto circle above his mitt. He is trying, but he is failing.

7. Jerry May, you look tough. You'd look tougher without the hot pink circle balanced on your pinky.

6. Is that the same background player as in #8? Look at those fierce knee guards. The dazed expression. So much going on. But the gigantic mitt is ready to catch the name circle.

5. Do NOT touch my HAIR!

4. Circle resting on sign; earnest expression of player reveals determination to keep that from changing.

3. Chest hair rumpus; circle placement would have been better in hat position.

2. Up in the sky! My pink name circle! I lost it in the sun!

And the Number One 1969 Topps Not-Well-Thought-Out Name Circle Placement:

1. Weighing down the bat!


Bo said...

The Larry Haney card is actually a reserve negative error - he wasn't actually a left-handed catcher!

Jim from Downingtown said...

The Orioles (Haney's pre-1969 team) must have had a knuckleball pitcher for Haney to be using such a large mitt. (Maybe Eddie Fisher?)

Jeremy said...

Joe Niekro looks like he's dodging his name circle.

Dan Newton said...

When did Wilhelm pitch for the O's? Wonder if Haney used that King Kong glove to catch Jim Bouton's knuckler?