Top Ten 2010 Baseball Card Predictions.

Actually, we can only come up with five. Will you please help? We'd accept more than ten, if they're mind-boggling, which knowing you people, shouldn't be a problem. Then we'll put the list in order for our Very Special New Year's Post.

  • There'll be another BIG BASEBALL CARD TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION! like those cards that "come to life!" if you happen to have a video camera and.......zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Wax Heaven will return within three months.
  • Despite SWAT teams sent out to destroy them, sticker autos will not disappear.
  • The value of Ichiro autographs will climb because he'll do something insanely great in 2010.
  • The Karma Kittens will allow the Seattle Mariners to reach the playoffs because of the whole Cliff Lee thing. I mean really.


dayf said...

A card manufacturer will go belly up, or will be gobbled up by a competitor.

Topps will sneak a short printed card of Someone The MLB Does Not Approve Of into a set and cause A Great Hobby Stink.

Upper Deck will surprise us all with an exceptional 2010 base set and then screw up all their goodwill with some dreadful mess of a set.

Panini will figure out that they don't have to just be Donruss with a new name and will have some different offerings in store for '10 football.

A card company will do something mind bogglingly stupid and I will have a existential freakout crisis.

Thorzul said...

One word: Edible

Tim said...

Topps customer service wins the "Outstanding Customer Service in a Business" Award from the Better Business Bureau.

shanediaz82 said...

Upper Deck will release at least one baseball set that really succeeds, despite being stripped of their license.

spyboy1 said...

A previously unknown Honus Wagner card will surface in an old trunk in an attic in a house someone just bought.

Only instead of "Pittsburg", Wagner's jersey reads "DINGED CORNERS". Experts have no idea why.

Dinged Corners said...

Tim, now wait a minute, are you being sarcastic or something? :)
Spyboy1, hm, we like that one....
shanediaz, sounds spot on. Do you agree that UD will then lose whatever good will they earn from the good product by producing at least two terrible products?
dayf, what will the shortprint be, you think? A nonexistent player? Joe Lieberman in the stands? As for the crisis, let's hope so because your readers will benefit as you do something massively funny in freakmode.

G_Moses said...

The San Diego Padres will trade away Adrian Gonzales and will be forced to be the 1st team to play in AAAA league.

I will, inevitably, be sucked into baseball, heart and soul. for two months, until I realize that I am a Padres fan. Then I will have an annual "swearing off of baseball" ceremony that involves scotch and cussing.

I will NOT, under any circumstances, deal with MLB.TV. Ever again.

Ichiro will at some point karate chop Milton Bradley.

James said...

Good call.
I predict we'll have more retro sets and I'll continue to spend too much time on old Mets cards.

capewood said...

I predict that an Internet only set of cards will be a big hit with collectors. But not a set designed by bloggers.

BenhamBaseballCards.com said...

Here are my odd and far-fetched predictions for the next year.

--With the loss of the MLB License, Upper Deck will begin making cards with stupid, non-baseball photos like Panini does now. These cards will fail and both Panini And Upper Deck will go under.
--Topps is now a monopoly in the baseball card world. This will cause most people to stop buying current baseball cards once they realize how high the prices be with no MLB market competition, and revert back to pre-1992 baseball card set building.
--When collectors start a vintage baseball card surge, old baseball pack boxes and singles sales will soar through the roof, surpassing the total volume sales for all Topps brands by 2011.
--Eventually, all of the super-high prices, combined with the worst customer service in the world, will cause everyone to stop buying sports cards permanently. This would end a truly great hobby that was started with children's enjoyment and ended with only profit-driven adults being able to afford cards.
--The government will finally rule that Topps has a monopoly, as they should have already. They will then order the end of the production of baseball cards forever, creating a Black Market for existing cards. This will inevitably cause the instant re-appreciation of any and all cards in existance, making the hobby more enjoyable than ever before.