Topps T206: question and proposal.

71 bronze
90 bronze
102 bronze
156 bronze
230 bronze
236 bronze
289 bronze

You are welcome to any or all of the T206 cards listed above. We are focused on the minis. We loooooove the minis. What is a good trade ratio? Three base cards for one mini?

Okay, I fib. It is not we who love them. In this case, Lucy is "eh." It's all me. The darn minis rock. For one thing, we're going to divest a lot of cards, and minis are, well, smaller. They take up less space.

We don't have to post a want list because we've already posted the ones we have. Which is not many. BTW, we love the Goodwin Champions minis just as much.

SMUDGE QUESTION: In a related development, we need to know, what is the mystery of the smudge? This showed up on the two packs we bought before, but also showed up on every card in the blaster. The back almost looks a little like it was burned. Except it wasn't, the card is fine. What the? Is this antiquing? Poor production line quality control? What? KNOWLEDGE SQUAD, PLEASE CHECK IN.

Jimmie Foxx gets a "Foxx" on the back. FMart gets "rookie."
While we have you on the line, Knowledge Squad, do you think Jason Bay might end up as a Met? We haven't read any sports today so don't yell at us if we missed something.
The Campy cards are lovely:

Christy, too, and Uehara:

What else might be a good trade for some minis? Tell us what you seek and we'll see if we can work something out. We posted about the Stadium Clubs yesterday and sent off two packets today, so our turnaround time is strangely quick, and likely will remain so until mid-January. Also for trade, we have this spare Zito autograph from the last Topps T206 fandango:

In some mysterious twist of good fortune, we ended up with two. Are you seeing packs and blasters of T206 near you? We'd only buy hobby packs if there were a hobby shop within 100 miles, but there is not, so we have to blast.


dayf said...

Knowledge Squad hears your pleas and assembles for great justice!

1)If you can get someone to trade minis 3 for 1, let me know so I can get some too. Someone out there might do it as there are a few odd souls who don't care for the mini.

2) Every single card in the set has the exact same smudge in the exact same place. Topps gets +10 points for going for the authentic tobacco-stained looks and -100 for being lazy and smudgin 'em all in the same spot which looks creepy.

3) There is a very good chance the Mets will land Bay as Jason turned down a 4 year $60 mil contract from teh Sawks.

4) I would be willing to trade you a goodly portion of minis from the original Topps206 set as well as some minis from the Topps205 set plus a few extra Zitos besides for that Topps 206 Auto. I unfortunately have very few Goodwin and '09 T206s.

Dinged Corners said...

dayf, let's trade. plus we have stuff to send you that isn't related to no stinkin' trade. you want barry? you got barry.

mmosley said...

Agreed on the minis. I was underwhelmed by the regular cards but the mini versions just feel right.

lonestarr said...

I have a Cycle Curtis Granderson and a regular Kaz Matsui, and a Goodwin Champions mini or two I can send along when I get through all the trades I'm already in the midst of.

dkwilson said...

Would you trade #109 Upton, #223 Griffey and #289 Whitesell for a David Wright Piedmont mini and a Joe Nathan Polar Bear mini?

Dinged Corners said...

lonestarr, of course the Curtis Cycle sounds beyond great. Kaz and GC minis also. We'll check what you are looking for and let's work out a trade.

dkwilson, that sounds perfect!

would you mind emailing us your current address?

Thorzul said...

Those smudges caught me off-guard, too. The one pack I bought was purchased after a dinner at Chili's. When I returned to the open pack to sort it a few hours later, I immediately thought I hadn't washed my hands well enough before opening it. I was glad to hear it was just an element of production. From now on, however, no ribs before opening packs.

dayf said...

Cool, I got Barry! I'd like to add another wrinkle to the trade if you don't mind.

After promising myself I would only buy one T206 blaster before Xmas, I lost all control and picked up another this morning. The 'hit' in the box was a Barry Zito Cycle mini #88/99. I'll send you Barry, you send me any old Cycle back you can find. Sound good?

FenwayFrank said...

I have no interest in the mini's because I usually buy packs just to have some new cards to get signed, and I feel like the way some players sign it would just take up most of the card and block out the picture.

I have mini's of Jimmy Rollins and Matt Garza from 206, plus a mini of Joakim Soria from Goodwin. I'm looking for Red Sox cards or players that sign well through the mail. Let me know if you're interested!

capewood said...

The smudge is like the Topps 2004 Cracker Jack set. They put smudges on the back to make the cards look old. They did it right in 2004, the backs all look different. In the 2009 Topps 206 every card has the same smudge. They differ only in intensity as far as I can tell.

Dinged Corners said...

dayf, sounds good. believe it or not the only cycle we have is the one pictured...jon lester 3/99. we'll pop that in the barry auto envelope.

Dinged Corners said...

Fenway Frank, the only T206 Boston card we have right now is the bronze Pedroia/#71, but I'm sure we can find something else Bostonian (nonT206) for you. Just email us!

Sharpe said...

I've got 166 Joel Zumaya (Piedmont) and 233 Garret Anderson (Old Mill) that I'd be willing to deal for some base cards. Cards 33, 47, 61, 89, 90, 162, 221, 262, and 274 are of interest to me. If you send me an email we can work something out.

Dinged Corners said...

Sharpe, it seems all we have left from this list are nos. 47 and 162, but we would be glad to send those to you straightaway; please just send your address.