True Confessions: 2008 M&M box break update.

Well, he's with the Padres now, but that sure is a nice cap. This is a well-composed baseball card. And there's some natural background! A rarity in M&M.

Perhaps I've been punished for being positive about this product (see below; this post is in reverse chronological order).

A certain redundancy in M&M can get on your nerves. Now, it WOULDN'T get on your nerves if you lucked out and got a box of redundancy related to the players you like or collect. If we were into Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter, or Trevor Hoffman or Placido Polanco for that matter, we'd be ecstatic. There are scads of those players in this box.If it didn't seem as if Yankee cards had grown little legs and were chasing us all over our box and its deflated dreams, we'd be upbeat.
Does that helmet look too big for Chipper? But the Griffey-as-Mariner earring card is nice:
At least we got cards we can send to other bloggers. Not a single Met in the box!! Is Moments & Milestones a "Mets-Free Product"? MayBay-Met? Actually, the box is also Dodgers-free, Giants-free, etc. etc.
That's kind of a neatly composed card.
Even when we don't get Yankees, we get Yankees:
Cursssssssed I am. We found #2 and #10 of this card, which is numbered to 25. What are the cardgods trying to tell us?
They are trying to tell us that they like the Phillies. Maybe Cliff would appreciate the Phil M&Ms.

Jillions of Jeters. In regard to Derek J., we are philistines. We have no clue.


Now there's some more Utleys coming into view:

We also found a plenitude of Pujols.

More ARod. Although he is wearing a Yanqui uniform on the foil,he is mostly a Ranger amidst the packs. Why why why do we always get so many Yankees? Could it be that Topps is force-feeding Southwesterners Yankees? *conspiracy theory*

Bunches of Bedards.

Wait! All is not lost.

And here is the original post, back when we were all hopeful and shiny and our cheeks were rosy:

We like 2008 Moments & Milestones. It's just one of those things. We like being duped by the "numbered" cards. We like the pretty colors. We like the backgrounds, which doesn't make sense at ALL because we are usually mystified by cards that don't have a baseball element in the background. None of it fits. But there you are. We also like the fact that for a brief instant before Christmas, Dave and Adam's had a ridiculously low price on this hobby box. It arrived today and we have opened the first three packs. Here are the other results:
1 Alex Rodriguez (Texas uniform) 121/1503 Frank Thomas 121/150
10 Hunter Pence 30/50
32 Trevor Hoffman 108/150
49 Carlos Beltran (KC uniform) 10/25
52 Gary Sheffield 131/150
85 Jim Thome 97/150
94 Grady Sizemore 107/150
95 Erik Bedard 115/150
103 Placido Polanco 120/150
107 Scott Kazmir 136/150
141 Pedro Martinez (Boston) 86/150
158 Jeff Clement 141/150
and 142 Daisuke. We're only going to keep a few of these so let us know if you need anything.

There are some sweet cards in Moments & Milestones, but in general this box once again proves that our resistance to buying hobby boxes and blasters is, in the main, quite brilliant.


G_Moses said...

Those are really nice looking cards. If you're not going to have a baseball element in the back, it's gotta have something unique.

Are all the cards numbered?

capewood said...

If you're giving them away, I'd love the Phils. I hactually bought a box of this but didn't get very many Phillies.

Dinged Corners said...

G, yes, all of the cards are numbered.
Cliff, we'll send them along.

night owl said...

You are not the only one who gets so many Yankees. Everyone get so many Yankees.

Except Yankees fans, of course. They get just what they want -- so many Yankees. Isn't that the way?

Ryan Cracknell said...

All the variations make are making me dizzy. If you have any Bedards to spare I'd love to trade for them.

Anonymous said...

Topps makes good baseball products but this is not one of them. If pattern the set after the Liz design it would have been much better.