What is your most inexplicable collecting choice?

Maybe you like 1987 Topps, the curly cardboard year. Or perhaps you are a Frank Tanana Supercollector. Clearly, our strange affliction is Barry Zito. Maybe because we live by one of his aphorisms: Normal People Worry Us.

Just today, on SI.com, we saw that he made the "top 10 flops" of the 2000s:

How much would you pay for a soft-tossing left-handed pitcher with a declining strikeout rate? If you said "$126 million," then you must work for the San Francisco Giants, who paid former Oakland ace Zito that princely sum as a free agent after the 2006 season. The former Cy Young winner with the Athletics has gone 31-43 in three seasons with the Giants and has failed to post an ERA below 4.00. That's not much of a return for what was then the largest pitching contract in baseball history. On the bright side, he does own these adorable stuffed animals.

Well, that was snarky, SI. Besides, that stuffed animal thing is kind of a myth. The fairest and best-written insight into BZ can be found in this NY Times article, 'The Mystery of Barry Zito.' If you read it, you may understand him a little better. We still believe Barry may come around.

"The hardest thing in life is to trust that something is gonna come," he says. We trust, BZ, we trust. In the meantime, we own up to our happy choice in collecting you.

Here are some of our Inexplicable Planet Zito Effect posts.

And here's our Barry Zito Six in 30, for today, anyway. The motion; the Zoolander stare.
An A&G version of The Stare.
Dunno why this chaotic card works for us, but it does.
This card is a reminder of how much we like 2005 Bowman Sterling. Also, do you not love cards that depict pitchers hitting?

Do you like this UD take on 1971 Topps? Is this legal?

What about you? What area of defiant interest in baseball cards make you kinda wonder about your own brain matter?


G_Moses said...

Mine is the worst. I have a weird affliction for Edgar Gonzalez (Padres) Bowman Gold Chrome RC's. He's like a 31 year old rookie. But I've actually got like four or five of them.

I think I'm the only person on ebay who wanted them...but that's ok. I got them at a great price.

Joe S. said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE relics... like, 1999 love them. I don't know why, and I realize that they're super easy to come by these days, but even picking 'em out from the three for $2 bin at my shop makes me smile. And except for Sweet Spot signatures, I don't care much for autograph cards.

Dinged Corners said...

G, that seems an excellently inexplicable choice. Especially the wildeyed specificity. And Joe, it's cool that you don't care if they're high end, low end, known or unknown. Very inexplicable. [Having access to a three for $2 bin may be one reason you are hooked.]

Check out what Baseball Cards Come to Life! has to say firsthand: http://borosny.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-inexplicable-card-collecting-choices.html

paulsrandomstuff said...

I go out of my way to collect middle relievers and bench players. I have nearly every Jeff Innis card ever produced, yet I don't think too many baseall fans even know who he is.

This year, I've started collecting Omir Santos cards. Since it looks like he might be landing in AAA in 2010, I've also started to collect Ryota Igarashi.

Barry Zito may not be a popular collecting choice these days, but at least most baseball fans know who he is. :)

Kevin said...

I think I may have closed the window before typing in the security word...

Anyway, I love 1982 Topps. Yes, that bi-colored hockey stick design and the somewhat murky photos get it done for me. Why? No idea. Maybe because it's my birth year.

Roy-Z said...

Topps Chrome Refractors. Love 'em. Actually trying to put the entire 08 set together..

capewood said...

I collect a lot of different players. I don't spent too much time specifically going after any particular player on my list but when I get one of their cards it goes into a binder instead of the commons box. Barry Zito is on my list (I have 77 of his cards). But my single-minded obsession is trying to collect at least one of every kind of card printed since 1980. This leads me to scouring dime bins for obscure inserts or paying $2-$3 for inserts worth less than a dollar on ebay. I really don't care what player is featured (although if it's a player on my list I'm happier). And I obsessively keep track of all the cards produced in a spreadsheet. As of my latest count, there are 14,359 different kinds of cards produced since 1980. I don't include in my count odd-ball cards, just the cards and inserts produced as mainstream sets (I'm not totally crazy). I have 3,386 of them. God help me.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I like 2008 Bowman, Bowman Chrome, Bowman Draft and Chrome and all the variations and autographs. The way they put together the set it is kind of mind boggling to put every thing together but kind of fun.

2009 Bowman is kind of screwed up with thinner stock and not having Gordon Beckham and Andrew McCutchen in the draft set

mmmrhubarb said...

How inexplicable is it to like 2008 UD Documentary cards? Not many do, but I bought more packs of it in search of Twins cards than I had a right to.

AdamE said...