2010 Topps: a close look at three base cards.

The team logos look sharp if you don't mind very large, slanty logos, which we don't, because we like the happy retro Mets style. Whether you like this feature thus may be influenced by team preference. The foil is very, well, foily. But it's not chippy. When the foil looks cracked or is missing bits, that's the worst thing ever. Will that happen over time to the 2010 Topps base rendition? Unknown, but for now, it's ok. The photography is good, to a degree. In this shot, we have the earnest David Wright tongue sticking out; but there's something behind him that gives an effect of David having a giant right ear, which is a little disturbing. The Topps logo is ok. We're hoping there are throwback versions of the entire base set.
The base card backs get extra points because at least Topps took the care to include photos that are different from the fronts. It's the little things that make us appreciate your design efforts, Topps. The text is interesting, providing as it does a subtle backhanded insult to Keith Hernandez and Mike "I'm Not Gay" Piazza.
Here the Mets logo on the card and the one on John Maine's jersey are juxtaposed in a manner that can only be described as artful. The foil is holding up well. What do you think of the tiny letter off to the distant left indicating player position? This photo is better because the background is out of focus and less distracting. John Maine keeps his tongue inside his mouth, but makes the "mmm" face.
As for text: the shoulder problem deprived John of play, and deprived the team of his presence. The writer here says he'll be back, baby. Let's hope so. The "NY" is gigantic. We're not saying that's bad.
Here is a wonderful Curtis Granderson card sporting a familiar shot of him doing the patented Grandy Hustle. He's runnin' and he's lookin'. Facial expression: somewhere between tongue and "mmm," with the latter winning out. On the Mets card, there's only a team name on the front. On the Tigers card, it's team name and also city. There doesn't seem to be consistency in this regard on the 2010 Topps cards, from what little we've seen.
Again, points for the different photo on the back, although this shot is a tad goofy. And there's that great "D." We like the text, providing information about CG's extracurricular activities. Are you liking the 2010 Topps base design?

These three cards all came to us via dayf in a spectacular array--thank you, Cardboard Junkie. (More on that array soon.)


dayf said...

Thank you. I like my arrays to be spectacular. That's why it takes me three months to send anything.

The answer to your question is: Yes.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

yeah Im liking it, I got the gold murphy today, and I like the picture they used for his, I didnt pay too much attention to the back though, Ill go do that now.... and I also have about 3 more different mets 2010s on their way, so if you want to see some of the new mets cards, I should have em posted soon!

MattR said...

The more posts I see about this set, the more I like it. One thing I like is the colors on the left side. It's reminiscent of the 1974 Topps set.

Field of Cards said...

This set is classic. It manages to feel from the 70's, early 90's, and 2010 all at once.

I personally think it blows away 2009 (which was nice).

There is also something very nostalgic about having JUST Topps, officially.

This set is historic in that it's the first of Topps alone again and the first set of the decade.

I can't wait until my boxes arrive next week.

FenwayFrank said...

I just bought two packs yesterday, and I really like the backs of the cards compared to last year's. However, I feel like the design on the front looks so much like some of the custom card designs people have made for their own collections. I really like the variety of insert cards in this set though, so I'll be more inclined to buy more packs. I pulled one of the Target-exclusive redbacks of Mariano Rivera, and it's a really neat looking mini-card.

Peterson said...

So far, that Dwright '10 topps is the pest picture I have seen from the set. No doubt.

lonestarr said...

I like this set so much that I might collect it, and I don't even collect (base) sets. They got me on the Red Backs too. I didn't know they were minis till I pulled one (Mantle!). It's an oft-rehashed design over the years, but the mini-ness... Sold!

Also, I'm curious. Has topps ever managed to do two really good sets in row like this before? It seemed like they only managed to knock the design outta da park of near-universal praise a couple times a decade at most throughout their history, so '09 & '10 might be a first here.

dc said...

That's a good point...I sure can't remember two in a row before.
Although we like '10 more than '09.

BA Benny said...

I too am very pleased with the 2010 set and I liked 09 as well. I think the 2010 backs are great! Between the pictures and good stats section and the biggest improvement I feel is the fact that the card #'s are so much eaisier to see compared to 09. Great looking set overall!