Baseball card aesthetics: face off. Plus--trade?

We're playing with the new Gigantify Feature on blogger. We have no idea how to drive this thing so please excuse startling appearances of strange colors and out of control spaces and weird cutoffs. We won't do it ever again. But the new "embiggen" button at least will allow us to make a point: Baseball player faces should not take up 80 percent of the area on a card. Like, ever...it just doesn't seem very baseball card-like.

Actually, even Mets logos shouldn't take up massive area on a card! It's kind of scary.

As we go through cards during our winnowing-down-stacks process, we wondered if anyone would like to trade for a few things? 
Right now we're only seeking recent David Wright and Curtis Granderson cards.

Anyway, let us know if you see anything here. We'll post more shortly.

It sure is brrrrr here right now. We hope you are in an area of the country that is not too crazy-cold, or too buried in snow.


NicoLax24 said...

I would be interested in trading for the Jeter and the Mantle Moments and Milestones cards

FenwayFrank said...

I would be interested in the Lester jersey card. These are my only two noteworthy cards: 09 Bowman Granderson blue border #'d to 500, 09 Heritage Wright/Rodriguez Rival All-Stars. I still have some 206 minis as well, let me know what you're looking for.

jacobmrley said...

I have some super sweet David wright cards for ya, all I ask in return is the Jon Lester and that mustachioed masterpiece of a Sparky Lyle. Gimme a day to see what DW I have that will fulfill such a duo.

dayf said...

Do you want/need/covet a 2008 Masterpieces Black Frame Zito? If you don't want it, I'll send it to Beardy but you have first dibs on Zoolander.

Also I need to find that Enbiggen button.

Dinged Corners said...

NL & Jacobmrley, sounds great. NL, we need your address. Fenway, please email us!
dayf, yes, we need Black Zito. To embiggen, go to Dashboard/Settings; scroll down to Global Settings; under "Select Post Editor" tick "Updated" and watch the sparks fly.

capewood said...

The Sparky Lyle and the Paulino are of interest. I'm pretty predictable. Phillies and Astros.

dayf said...

hmmm dashboard... settings... updated... *click*