Baseball player autographs and come on, win some stuff.

You know when you're moving to another house, and for a long time you carefully wrap every single thing you own, and then on moving day it's just, like, throw the hamster cage in a box and let the shavings fly? Well, we reached that point with our baseball card organization project. The good news is, 18 stuffed packets await mailing. So a lot got done! And thank you for the emails and trade discussions.

However, we are done, at least for a while. So we will now randomly throw a few items we weren't sure how to file in a couple of posts for you to take. In this case, to win these four completely unrelated items, we'd like you to provide a couple of sentences as to why the two photographs above (the Beatles card is courtesy tastelikedirt) relate profound points about the job of baseball players autographing items for their true blue fans.

What do those two photos at the top of this post say about 1) how baseball players sign autographs and 2) how hard or easy it is? The person who first comes closest to what we're thinking gets this batch o' four. Then we'll put up the next batch.


Laurens said...

1.) Baseball players have all the time in the world to sign autographs and goof around - guys who are middle relievers at least.

2.) It is easier for a baseball player to take 10 minutes to sign an autograph for fans than to comply with all those autograph books dumped into one table at what maybe the height of Beatlemania.

mmosley said...

1. Some sign and have fun with the fans while others are business-like (wearing ties AND scowls).

2. It's easy. All you need is love (and a pen). It's not a job you do Eight days a week (7 max). And if you send her TTM back, Lucy will be in the sky with diamonds (and a smile).

Carl Crawford Cards said...

1) At this point the players who sign do so because they want to. They'll site there forever and sign til everyone is gone. The ones who won't don't.

2) It's tough. It's real tough. Even the guys who sign want to do for the kids and the fans, not for those people who get a million sigs and sell them. They love the game like we do and want to connect with the fans, that's why they sign and sign and sign. Despite the hounds, they won't turn a single person away.

NicoLax24 said...

1. In the presence of fans the auto process is fun and enjoyable. Signing autos becomes frantic and rushed when you see how big the stack of things that need signing is.

2. It's easier to sign a few random items here and there as fans approach you, than to sit and sign an entire pamphlet of those darn stickers that will eventually be attached to sticker auto cards

My collection is begging for that Halladay relic :)

NicoLax24 said...

1. Signing autos in the presence of fans is fun and enjoyable. When one is sat down in front of a pile of things to be signed, the autographing process becomes rushed and frantic. (like packing, you take the time to carefully and individually wrap each item at your leisure, until all of a sudden you look up and realize that there is a huge pile of stuff left to be wrapped and only a short amount of time left to do it)

2. Signing autos randomly here and there for fans is easy because before you know it, you've signed a couple hundred over a month's time. It is hard to have to sign autos when you have the pamphlet of stickers in front of you and you know that there are another 1000 left for you to sign as soon as you are done with the current auto. Especially since it kills the players to have to sign stickers, everyone knows that they'd rather be signing the cards lol.

That Halladay Relic is begging to join my collection :)

Joe S. said...

1) Baseball players sign autographs acting like kids, for kids, because they play a kid's game for a living!

2) There is an appropriate time and place to seek autographs, but in that time and place it is quite simple for a player to scribble his name for a patient fan. Just timed myself: half a second to sign my name.

Mark's Ephemera said...

1. Sometime players take their heads out of their ___ and put it in their gloves to sign.

2. It's been a hard day's night.

DC said...

We'll do a detailed post on this shortly, but wanted to say that mmosley came closest to what those two cards denote regarding baseball players and autographs. More on this soon. Many thanks to everyone who took a stab at reading my mind.