Blogger updating problem: can you hear us now?

Occasionally we have blogger problems and for the last few days, we noticed that our updates were not showing up on anyone's blogroll. One fix, supposedly, according to the blogger people, is to put your own blog in your own blogroll for a while and then voila, watch the magic updates. So that's why we're on our own blogroll, not because we've become stark-staring-simperheaded-sluggards-of-self-promotion. Boy, life on Bloggy Street can get rough.

Anyone know how Todd Zeile's last name is pronunced? Because if it's ZILE-AH (which we doubt), then this is a Zeile-phone.


madding said...

Nice. I'd love to get that card if Zeile (think zeal) was not in a Cubs uni.

Two Packs A Day said...

Zeile's last name is pronounced like "zeal", rhymes with "veal".

i think it's funny to see those MLB cards with people on old school cell phones!

Captain Canuck said...

yeah, blogger sometimes takes forever to update. weird how it's random.

and it's Zeile. Like banana peel.

James B. Anama said...

Whatever you did, it's working just fine as you're showing up on the big blogroll.


JayBee Anama