Brothers. Mets. Hope in a mitt.

Last night, the words "brothers" and "Mets" came to me in a dream. Why? Sure, there have been brotherly baseball cards, but why the random word association?

We were never Niekro-watchers. Even cute-as-a-button brotherly baseball cards don't explain it:
Those Baltimorean brothers are not foremost in our thinking:
Nor old photographs of dream fields:

Not even this crew, a 1929 team that, with the exception of two nephews, was made up entirely of brothers from Hawk Springs, Wyoming:

No, none of this explains why 'Mets' and 'brothers' occurred to us. These days, there are the Uptons, Youngs, Nix-es, Izturis-es, Weavers, Aybars, Ayres, Drews, Gonzalezes, Hairstons, Duncans, LaRoches, Lugos, and Pattersons--did we miss anyone? Wait, wait, yes, we did! The Molina brothers! Turns out that there'll be one of those siblings we'll keep an eye on for two years when he dons a Mets uniform:
Being a hapless Mets fan must be why we have brothers on the mind. Good luck, Bengie, and if the rumors are true, welcome to Flushing.


tastelikedirt said...

I just recieved a card signed and returned that I sent to spring training last year. It took about 10 months to get it back and was the third card that came back in the last couple weeks. All sent last Feb/March.
Coincidently the card that came back most recently was a Trevor Cahill card that I recieved from Dinged Corners more than a year ago in some sort of trade. Boy that card spent quite a bit of time getting mailed around!

tastelikedirt said...

Ooops, that comment was intended for the Spring Training TTM post.

skoormit said...

Don't forget about Connor and David Robertson. Two Bama Boys, brothers in the bigs in 2008. David had a good year for the Yanks last year, while Connor struggled in AAA.