Contemplating trade booty.

To Anti-Mail-Call readers: we weakly apologize, but when cardstuff is great we need to share it like the mewling kittens we are. We still have a few packets to send out, by the way, including a big old box to Bo--the Bo box, as it were--the last of everything we're due to send will be mailed no later than Tuesday.

From the anti-mail-call mighty Thorzul, we received the following five examples of awesomeness (please note that when we date we use the year on the back of the cards, which sometimes means the cards are actually from a set dated the year after; or something; the devil is in the details and whatevah):

2006 UD Fleer Tradition Diamond Tribute David Wright
2006 UD/Fleer Stars of Tomorrow David Wright

We had never laid eyes on these before. So the Zito Effect is in effect here for the main man, DW! Lucy is particularly dippy about the Diamond Tribute.

The 2007 Upper Deck Series I Game Materials Carlos Beltran jersey bit. This is one classy looking Mets card. Then:

2008 A Piece of History Timeless Moments David Wright 216/699 and on the right is a 2008 Topps Moments & Milestones David Wright, 142/150. The Timeless Moments card gets extra points for managing to use the phrase "torrid love affair" on the back, as in:

Our question is, 'beginning' to? We think the TLA has been going on for quite a while. And what huh, there's a rivalry with the Braves?

The following cards are from Night Owl--should that be Night Owl or The Night Owl?--blog writer par excellence (whose packet went out today):

2009 Upper Deck X David Wright Xponential 5. The X set has the unusual quality of not being great in the base version, but the Xponentials are great. We like the way David is peering over his batting gloves here:

2008 Topps Puzzle Bit David Wright:

and 11, count 'em 11, cards for our 1972 Topps set. Here are three that especially sent us:

#112 Greg Luzinski, that has GOT to be a Polish name, look at blondie rockin' those sideburns with a buncha bats to his right and a giant lightpole behind him! What is that pose? And fellow card people, those are 1972 bats. Where are those bats now? Where? Where are the bats of yesteryear? hint: bits

#377 Terry Harmon, with a classic '72 Topps awkward pose before a background of debris; a random player, side view, face chopped out; off center; and the incomparable '72 shadows. Combine these effects with the psychedelic tombstones and what else is there to ask for in a baseball card?

#505 Mike Marshall, casting a sidelong glance as he pitch-poses; meanwhile, the 5:07 to Ronkonkoma should arrive any moment behind him.

This is the sort of chap Night Owl is: he sent us a Johnny Mize card! A 2005 Upper Deck Classic Johnny Mize. He must remember that we slyly, off the books semi-collect Johnny Mize--our aunt's favorite player. That's our aunt who is 83 and an insanely loyal..........Yankees fan. No kidding. How that happened, who knows, as she rooted for the  NY Giants [NL!] in her youth, but we forgive her. She knew several Giants, and always liked JM. There are other good associations we have with Johnny Mize. For instance, we were at an Albuquerque Isotopes baseball game and briefly met up with the proprietor of the Aardvark Trading Co. blog, and he too handed us a Johnny Mize card. Sweet Mize cardboard = good kardma.

Second, we want to note that a recent contest we ran, or sort of contest, was won by the witty and wonderful Stats on the Back. He came closest to why we thought these two cards represented Baseball Player Autograph Syndrome:

Our basic message is, buck up, baseball players. For instance, try smiling while signing. Put a glove on your head. Be lighthearted, not resentful. Try looking earnest when faced with a mob of human Sharpies. There are people in this world with actual problems, you know. Plus, Stats mentioned Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, which is, of course, Lucy's favorite song and the Beatles song we named her after. Yes, we named one of our kids after a Beatles song. Is that so wrong?

Anyhow, we're sure Stats is thrilled to know that he won a little card contest because he's not busy at all with the new baby! Even though baby P. is BEAUTIFUL and utterly distracting. Fortunately, he's also a little Mets fan in the offing. Which is good; by the year 2028, maybe the Mets will be feeling better.


Roy said...

The bats are being used to make old timer relic cards.

Bo said...

I think a lot of NY Giant fans became NY Yankee fans because they played right near each other - Polo Grounds was on 154th Street in Manhattan and Yankee Stadium is on 161th Street in the Bronx. My dad says people used to walk from one game to the other.

And I'm looking forward to the cards!

night owl said...

I prefer "Night Owl" to "The Night Owl," which seems stuffy and formal and title-ish.

I believe the David Wright puzzle bit on the back features David Wright's leg. I did remember something about Mize, so I added that in there.

dc said...

Bo, the geographical proximity is a cool factor--my aunt went to the Polo Grounds frequently and says the Yankees were almost in shouting distance--but she never went to see the Yankees in those days. For her to become an AL fan perplexed everyone else in our family who ended up following the Mets.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Wow, nice cards, Ive never seen those wright cads before!

mmosley said...

Baby Mosley is unsure about how he feels about being added to the END of a BOOTY post, BEHIND lots of other stuff, BUT(T) he appreciates being called a Mets fan so young. AS(S) for me, this comment probably says a lot about my current mental state. TUKIS!