Design ideas gone awry: gold-coated baseball cards.

There are some designs in baseball cards that almost bring a tear to your eye because you can sense that an earnest, wet-behind-the-ears, hopeful arts team thought a certain approach would be really, really innovative and cool. In the hopes of being deluged with corrections by long-suffering readers, I'm going out on a limb to assert that the Gold Rush design, pictured below, was a parallel to the Score base set. The scan unfortunately doesn't do justice to the shiny gold-lamé-jumpsuit quality of these cards that brings to mind, for some reason, the Tropicana nightclub.

Now, we've seen gold on other baseball cards--Pinnacle with its gold baseball seam design era comes to mind--but there's just something so fundamentally wrong about gold on baseball cards that we think it deserves at least a mention in the Hazardous Waste baseball card design category, along with 40-year-old bubblegum and whatnot. The cards kind of fleck little gold bits off. Here's a photo rather than a scan:

Then there's this variety, even fleckier:

Taking a wild guess, we'd call this a 1997 Upper Deck Ticket to Stardom card (photo above, scan below).Of course, the most

memorable thing about this particular card is...what? Anyone?

Yes, that is correct. "ADMIT ONE: $2.50." Based on this bit of archeological evidence, we'd estimate that in 2023, it will cost approximately $4,312 to buy an upper deck ticket to see the Mets. Perhaps to cope with inflation, we'll sell all our gold baseball cards, which by 2023 should be worth a great deal of money.


Mark's Ephemera said...

I'm not endorsing this product or company, but you can purchase a 22kt Gold Babe Ruth Baseball card for the cost of shipping.

Maybe if you buy the 2023 ticket now, they'll give you a break in the price. Try it.

Field of Cards said...

Ha ha...well, I like anything shiny so I get suckered in.

Gold does seem a bit like Donald Trump's high rise apartment decor. It's that fine line between classy and tacky.

night owl said...

The '90s was the steroid era for baseball, but the Liberace era for baseball cards.

Two Packs A Day said...

I take offense to this post! ;) Gold is up there among my favorite colors. Among my current love f gold, I love the 1996 Laser's I'm currently opening as one of the cards in each pack has a significant portion that is gold foiled with some laser etched design.

If I had any hobby card element addictions, it would be gold foiling and rainbow foil.

btw, Mark Ephemera, trust me it's far from being free. Read all the fine print. I'm not a customer of theirs but I know their method of operation.

G_Moses said...

All I remember from the gold was the Action Packed card set. I think it was the football set meant for blind kids. Seriously, I remember the commercials of blind kids feeling the detail of the cards. Kinda weird.

But to make them appealing to the rest of us, the chase cards were inlaid with actual gold. I have to go dig those up...