Heartbreaking post of staggering bippification.

Today when we found items in our mailbox little did we realize that we would not only get bipped, but we would also almost get bipped (we'll explain that in another post). Truly, when it bips, it pours. And to be clear and thorough we should clarify: we were less bipped than Bip-ped,

which is, clinically speaking, more far-reaching.

And do you see that the back of the lead-card Bip reveals little bipdirtbits flying? Beautiful:

But Mr. Roberts has it all under control. Nice try, base runner. You are about to be OUT.

All this action came via the kind and generous Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. And Mr. Hrtbrk sent along not only those pretty, shiny WBC cards, but also what you will momentarily see is the most fantastic, overwrought, insane manufactured patch ever known to cardkind. My friends, this particular patch feels sorry for any other patch that has ever deluded itself into thinking it is a formidable patch. This patch is pictured next to the word "formidable" in the dictionary. This mother of all patches makes us wonder if UD somehow brought Betsy Ross from the past via an exclusive contract specifically to sew it. AND this patch is one of the ultimate Zito Effects ever. Ok? EVER.

You see? [wiping eyes] There are times that words simply don't suffice.


Field of Cards said...

Ha ha. "When it Bips, it pours." Nice one!

Seeing those Tom "Flash" Gordons kinda makes me sad. That guy was very good at a very young age. He was 17-9 with about 1 strikeout an inning at age 21 (3.64 era).

If I recall correctly he started out that season like 7-0 with a brilliant era.

He had a nice career but I was sure he was going to be a Hall of Famer when he first came up.

Are Bips supposed to make people cry? WAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! :)

mikepelfreyshouse said...

I love the D-Wright card at the top! Gotta get one!!! the inserts look really cool this year! and by the way, excelent zito card, he is a great guy, I got his autograph in person and I would love to give it to you, but My girlfriend has it, Ill keep you guys in mind next time I see the giants and zito! another random thing, my brothers history teachers name is mr.zito. no kidding!