Met Fans: There Will Be......Joy. (Five reasons not to sulk about Beltran.)

Okay, the Mets seemed a little caught off guard by Carlos Beltran's decision to have arthroscopic surgery and not be available to, you know, play baseball, for at least twelve weeks--he'll be out most of April. The New York Post, which by the way, the brilliant Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius has, in a shocking turn, publicly confessed to reading, reports that "the Mets are threatening to take some form of action." The Associated Press says Scott Boras, that annoying agent who represents every rich ballplayer including  Beltran, who by the way is the Mets' highest-paid position player, maintains that Beltran did not need the Mets' consent to have surgery, based on the terms of his contract. Boras said Beltran's contract only requires him to receive advance written permission for elective procedures. Really? Let's just say that matter this isn't settled yet.

Now, the kneejerk reaction is for fans to say, "Can you believe this? The season hasn't even started and already with the Mets dropping like flies!" And precisely because that is the kneejerk reaction, we must not jerk our knees. Brace those knees, Mets fans! Use Ace bandages, if you must. Don't say, "Here we go again." Leaving aside our opinion of Beltran, with whom we've always had problems of a cardular nature, let's examine why we shouldn't let this latest Amazin' problem mess with our hopes.

1-Angel Pagan may suddenly be great.
2-It's only a game. Compared with what's going on in the world, any joy whatsoever that the Mets provide is welcome. And there will be joy.
3-Use this chance to season F-Mart in center field?
4-The Mets will be even more motivated by this incident to make the team whole. It gives them impetus going into spring training and into the season to be all "Hup hup yeah!"
5-Now maybe grab switch-hitter Orlando Hudson? High energy? Very positive? GO FOR HIM, trust me on this. He will work well in the New York baseballosphere. Relegate Luis Castillo to a part-time role or something. Figure it out, that's why they pay you brilliant front office jokers the big bucks.

Please, Mets people, don't go all negative. And that, dear friends, is our latest Mets mood swing.


Field of Cards said...

Hey Dinged, is that Beltran card real? I love it. TCH? I've never seen it.

I was surprised by this announcement as well. It was sorta like the Mike Lowell deal.

It seems to me this kind of late surgery happens far more often than it should, lately.

Motherscratcher said...

When I heard the news I was disappointed for the Met's (Mets's?) fans AND for Beltran.

The fans because they have suffered much these last few years and, at the end of the day, they aren't Yankee fans.

Beltran because he always seemed somewhat under appreciated by the Mets's's fans from some reason.

Slangon said...

I look at it this way. It'll suck not starting the season with Beltran in tow, but after he finishes healing up and rehabbing and what not, he'll be back, hopefully healthy and ready to play by May or so.

In the mean time, hopefully they'll play halfway decently and not fall too far behind whether it's Pagan filling in or F-Mart or a combination. Then when Beltran comes back, they'll be poised to make a nice little run.

At least that's my hope.

dc said...

Yes, that jersey card is real. There is nothing better than a jersey bit that has dirt on it.

paulsrandomstuff said...

I'm actually looking forward to seeing Angel Pagan get a shot to play more, so I guess that's a bit of a silver lining.

I'm just tired of watching the Mets bumble their way through these things -- it sucks the fun out of something that's supposed to be a diversion from the serious things in the world.