Random comparison: Upper Deck 1994 and 2009.

Well, not utterly random; you see how the baseball and the bubble gum are similar in size and also kind of line up? We do maintain some standards of logic around here.

Frankly, in this card mashup, although 1993 1994 is a contender, there is a little too much extra business going on with the squashed black and white photo, the foil letters on the right, and the name barely legibly superimposed over the position. Now, the running-while-blowing-a-bubble adds a pleasing soupçon of danger in the "CALVIN, I TOLD YOU NOT TO RUN WITH SCISSORS" category, but by the time we get past all the UpperDecktrionics, the thrill is gone.

As for 2009, that's a fine 'infielder urgently attempting to full duties' shot--a whole subgenre of baseball card photos. In this rendition, Mr. Zobrist's eyes reveal laserlike focus on the ball and his face betrays a similar expression to the one he probably bore back when playing Little League. The earnestness here is all in the player and the card quietly depicts it. Now, the TB, the square, the name, the number, the position, the foil logo...still on the busy side. But not as distracting.

So 2009 emerges triumphant. Right?


John said...

I was never a fan of full bleed cards. They lack character.

Chris Harris said...

FYI, that Calvin Murray card is actually from the 1994 Upper Deck set.

dc said...

Changed to 1994 UD, per Chris Harris correction. I got distracted by the 1993 on the back of the card.

Regarding bleed cards, then let's just put this in the scruffy lesser category of Bleed Cards.

steelehere said...

FYI, the Calvin Murray card is actually from the 1994 Upper Deck "Minor League" Set.

John said...

See, the UD Full Bleed cards are so nondescript that it is impossible to figure out what year they are from (unless you look on the Stats on the Back)

capewood said...

I actually always liked the 1994 Upper Deck. There are a lot of Upper Deck years I can't tell one from the other but 1994 always stands out for me.