The Siggies: our baseball player autograph awards.

Ok, not a deep question, and in fact completely meaningless, but that's never stopped us before. Who signs in a way that rocks your baseball card collecting little heart? A photo in a post at White Sox Cards got us thinking about this, so blame Steve. Herein we present the First Annual Dinged Corners Siggy Awards:

Best Signature of a Favorite Retired Player Who Did Not Do Well Signing His Own Tax Return:

Best Almost Disturbingly-Oversized Father-Son Signatures:

Best Use of the Letter "K" By a Retired Met or Met-Related Player:

Best Cute Little Uniform Number Placement By a Current Met:

Best Graphological Placement of Uniform Number By a Retired Player:

Best Semi-Legible Blue Sharpie on an Allen & Ginter TTM Card (tie):

Best Use of Space on an Allen & Ginter TTM Card (tie):

Best Tilty-Yet-Legible Signature Style (tie):

Best Signature of a Favorite Player From a Favorite Team of Our Late Baseball-Lovin' Mom That Makes Us Tear Up Every Time We See It:

Best Use of Signature Style That Most Closely Resembles Current Arc of Player's Own Career:

Best Signed Card We Ever Pulled From a Crummy Retail Pack and Didn't Even Notice Was Signed Until We Leafed Through the Cards a Second Time:

You know us; we'd really like to know some of your favorites, too. Feel free to use the same Siggy Categories, although admittedly that might be challenging.


paulsrandomstuff said...

Here are my winners:


I kept one or two of your categories, but I had to come up with alternates for most of them.

Peterson said...

These autos are nothing short of outstanding...the Father/son is giving me fits right now.