Smoltz a Met? Plus: let us know your team needs, please.

Yes, a new coinage: "hey, come over here and help me smoltz these broken mets."

Could it be that the Mets' front office is trying to build a clubhouse filled with intelligent, storied players? Or are we giving them too much credit? Is this called "looking on the bright side"? But Mr. Smoltz has an impressive presence and a lot of pitching wisdom; we like him much more than that whole Glavine thing that happened. Wright/Bay/Smoltz behind the scenes could be almost sensible? And where is Bengie?


paulsrandomstuff said...

If Smoltz can contribute, great. But I'll never be completely happy about seeing him in a Mets uniform. Just like Glavine, he brings too many unpleasant memories with him.

Thankfully, Chipper Jones isn't looking for a job. :)

dayf said...

You like my FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU posts? If Smoltz signs with the Mets, you'll see the King Kamehameha Queen Mama of all FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU posts.

dc said...

dayf, but during the signing free-for-all, isn't longstanding, deeply felt team rivalry a wonderFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUl thing? For the fans, anyway. For the players, money talks, history walks.

TJ said...

L.A. use to be Boston's dumping ground, now it looks like it's New York. Maybe they save money on shipping because it's closer.

If your looking to unlaod Red Sox or Mariners cards, let me know.