This just made us feel good.

So we're making sure you see this video, too, if you haven't already. Yes, it's Oprah, but well worth seeing; be sure to stay with it and watch the crowd. Gets us every time. PS I've Gotta Feeling is, we've decided, our theme song for what will happen with the Mets next season.
All good.


G_Moses said...

Now how did they do that? Seriously how can that many people follow that kind of choreography? Very cool.

My kids love that song.

And I've always had a crush on Oprah. Weird I know. Good stuff though.

capewood said...

I was wondering the same thing about the dancing. I don't know much about the Black Eyed Peas but I love this song. This video was making the rounds a few months ago features the same song:


fieldlevelview said...

Seriously cool choreography.

Anthony K. said...

I remember seeing that on Youtube when it first happened.

The story behind it is that the Black Eyed Peas had like 100 people who already knew the dance go out into the crowd before the show and teach them the dance.

Then they taught others and so on and so forth.

Oprah's reaction is amazing.

And I watched this on her show like two days ago.

Here's my man card :(