A 2010 Topps blaster up close and personal.

So as we gratefully ponder your insights about how to watch the Mets this season (the post below), we thought we'd show you what a Santa Fe Target 2010 Topps blaster produced. Nothing to write home about, and yet pleasant enough. Despite the fact that Topps can't resist bragging about this fact:

It's not nice to be all blowhard about it, Messrs. Topps. Anyhow, Lucy, zenlike, typed in all the base cards from the box, as follows:

3.  Derrek Lee
4.   League Leaders (HR, PS, AP, TH, JV, CC, RB, MT, FL, NM, MP, DW)
11. Orlando Cabrera
13. Melvin Mora
20. Tommy Hanson
24. John Maine
35. Rick Porcello
47. Brad Penny
53. Creg Councell
57. CC Sabathia
58. Kyle Blanks
68. Brandon Inge
69. Kansas City Royals Team
81. Ryan Theriot
89. J.A. Happ
98. Cesar Ramos
100. Albert Pujols
102. Minnesota Twins Team
107. Scot Hairston
110. Andrew McCutchen
111. TY Wigginton
117. David DeJesus
127. Hank Blalock
128. Garrett Mock
130. Vladimir Guerrero
138. League Leaders (CP, MT, JB, AH, AL, MC, KM, NC, EL, MC)
144. Rich Harden
152. Nyjer Morgan
155. Zack Greinke
162. Wade Davis
173. Kendry Morales
176. Yovani Gallardo
181. Nick Johnson
199. Seattle Mariners team
202. San Francisco Giants baseball Field
208. Tim Wakefield
211. Kelly Soppach
226. Juan Rivera
234. Tampa Bay Rays Team
243. Asdrubal Cabrera
256. Akinor Iwamura
265. Angels Team
267. Toronto Blue Jays
268. Juan Pierre
277. Jarrod Washburn
290. Orlando Hudson
294. Adam Dunn
299. Gary Sheffield
306. Mlton Bradley
307. Henry Rodriguez
316. Chris Young
Those five base cards above are among her favorites. This one too:
A rare look at A-Rod before he discovered steroids. From the ridiculous to the sublime, looky what we pulled, a tribute from one of our favorite sets:
A Tom Seaver psychedelic tombstone!
There were three of these:
What do you think of the Legendary Lineage design? Our jury is out:
How about those Peak Performance cards?

Sweet. Except for the Dodgers part. If anyone has any doubts whatsoever about what a meanie Walter O'Malley was, and how heartless the departure from Brooklyn really was, read:

The author is very kind to the O'Malley family, and this book is an effort in part to rehabilitate him. Yet. Yet. It doesn't take much imagination to read between the lines in some places. And we completely reject the idea that Robert Moses was more to blame for the betrayal. Let's just say you may end up a Giants fan or a Mets fan. Or! You can accentuate the positive and just read the engaging Chapter Six, about the 1951 pennant race. PS It's all right, Night Owl. We forgive you, because in every other way, you are a gentleman and a scholar.

What is this thing? We're too bored to read the fine print. And stop insulting moms!! Corporate-endorsed mom-insulting can go bite itself!


Okay, we have to quibble with the wording here. Commemorative yes. Historical? Please.

Not bad.
Here, the Topps cardback squad gets honest and drops the word "historical." The back even says looky, this here is a 2010 Topps patch "featuring the 1971 World Series, in which he played." That is, this thing has nothing whatsoever to do with 1971 except, you know, commemorating it. And stuff. Yes, honesty is refreshing and remains the best policy.

We have a hunch we might enjoy the whole History of the Game series. As for the Tales cards we received, this one of Ernie Banks is our favorite. The other two are below the Turkey Reds:

So, who looks more handsome in a baseball uniform, the Mick or the Bambino?

Taken together, 2010 Topps is a pretty enjoyable set.


dayf said...

Very Nice Seaver Original back! I'm collecting that set, not sure if I'm doing the original backs or not quite yet.

Legendary Lineage: The design is growing on me. Like fungus. I think I am being influence by the the Spahn/Hanson card though.

Peak Performance cards are boring. There's usually one dead boring insert set every year in Topps so it's all good.

Walter O'Malley is the worst human being ever to live. Ok, maybe tied with Art Modell.

Million card Giveaway: Starting Feb 15th, you can go to a website, put in your code, and supposedly "get" a vintage card from Topps. The vintage card will very likely be a 1987 Topps Ed Lynch or a 1993 Topps Bip Roberts, but it will be vintage, and a card. You also might have to pay to have it shipped to you, that part's kinda unclear right now. The Vintage Mickey pic is nice though.

ToppsTown: I'm somewhat slightly tempted to redeem my codes this yea.r I don't know why.

Patch: looks nice, but I'm not buying a blaster for a 1:25 shot at either Eddie Mathews or Chipper. I think Rack packs might be the best value to be honest.

Bambino is more handsome, hands down.

I know, I know. quit procrastinating and finish my Obak video. Ok mom....

dogfacedgremlin said...

That's not a bad break.

Despite the fact that it is somewhat of a franken-card, I really love that Stargell. It reminds me of being a kid, going to games at Three Rivers. I miss the old drunken pirate logo.

The Wax Wombat said...

As I've said elsewhere, I find myself enjoying some of the insert sets way more than the base set.

Grand Cards said...

I actually really like the Legendary Lineage inserts--more than I expected. There is just something about the way the design interacts with the photographs chosen, and, at least for the Tigers ones, the player choices are clearly explained on the back. They may be my favorite inserts of the set. They use vintage players, but not in a retro way, which is refreshing.

night owl said...

I wasn't around to judge Mr. O'Malley's meanness, but I know there are still Dodger fans in Brooklyn, so I guess it's a matter of personal viewpoint.

I suppose if I was living in Brooklyn in 1962, I could have been a Mets fan. Although that would have been awfully difficult with Koufax around.

But become a Giant fan? Perish the thought!

Victory Trading Cards said...

I dig that Stargell commemorative patch in an "it looks really strange" kind of way. Overall it looks like you had a decent blaster break.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

Nice break! I gotta get my hands on a box of this!