Fuzzy Mets. Testing our Met-tle. Wrightful place. You get the idea.

We received some outstanding Mets cards from Pack War Corky. You know, this fellow:
Fierce avatar.

Among the cards in the packet he sent were some major attention-getters. We may not be the brightest baseball card collectors on the planet, but we thought we knew most of the cool Mets cards out there. Well, Corky proved us wrong. These 2001 Upper Deck cards are fantastic.
They exist in a shady region of strange graphics that are somehow metsmerizing.
And as if this wasn't enough, these cards are fuzzy.
To clarify, the "Mets" and "NY" logos on these cards are FUZZY.

Now, Paul's Random Stuff first introduced us to these cards, but in that strong silent type way, he never revealed the Fuzz Factor! Go figure. So, being shallow, we forgot about the design. But trust us when we say that in person, they deserve attention. They undoubtedly exist with relics in some of them...but a person doesn't necessarily need relics when the card comes fuzzed. There is such a thing as Swank Overload.

Furthering our Metscard karma was the perfect gentleman many know as White Sox Cards. His is one of the first card blogs we ever discovered, and one of the first people we ever traded with. He's a mensch. He glides under the radar sometimes but is a force to be reckoned with. We know this became of the enormous number of referral hits we get from his site.

Steve sent along some 2010s of David Wright:

These are code cards, too. So Lucy will "unlock" them.

Steve also included this 2007 M&M 29/29, which we love:

And a spine-tingling (we're trying not to use the word 'awesome') Zito Effect:

Wait a minute, how did BZ appear in a Metszealous post? It's Steve's fault. We'll let it slip through this time. Deep philosophical thought: I wonder what would happen to our sanity (let alone the Mets payroll) if Barry ever joined the lovable losers?

Thank you, Corky and Steve!


BA Benny said...

Gotta love the fuzz! I got a few of those and am always on the lookout for more. They give the fingers an added highlight

night owl said...

I am too aware of those "fuzzy" cards, and not in a good way:


White Sox Cards said...

Those cards arrived fast! The Zito must have slipped in due to the fact that there are no team logos on the card and if you squint really hard, it looks like he could be pitching for the '69 Mets. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Or you can just blame it on me. :)

The Wax Wombat said...

Like fuzzy fuzzy or graphics blurry-fuzzy?

dc said...

BA, we do love the fuzz.

WSC, the hard squint does kind of, sort of, seem to work.....

WW, like full-tilt, alarming texture fuzzy fuzzy.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

I love those fuzzy cards, I have a miracle mets one, and 2 ron darling ones, there awesome, and fuzzy!

The Wax Wombat said...

Fuzzy-fuzzy makes me fearful.