Is this anything? Hint: YES.

Sure, you may come up with an answer that's close. But while you're probably snowbound, can you get all psychic on us and guess EXACTLY what that is? Hah. We think not. More on this momentarily.

There Was Ebullience in the Desert after we found a bunch of cards in the mail the other day from none other than the proprietor of Sign Here...and Here, who writes about autographs and a good deal more. He says he had prepared this packet for a trade a while back that fell through, and he thought we'd like the cards. It seems he was correct. This packet of mostly David Wrights presented a vivid Zito Effect (that is, lots of cards of said player exist, and we have scads, yet most of what we received was brand new to us). It's embarassing to admit we didn't own this adorable 2005 Topps Bowman Heritage 1951-style card:

That is an excellent smile, sir!

This Sweet Spot is, well, sweet (back date 2004):
We for some reason did not own this Topps Chrome bat waggler (right):
Let alone the Topps Finest Classic-Wright-Tongue-Sticking-Out-to-Accentuate-Earnestness (left).

Below left,  a chrome version of Topps 1958 style, wherein DW grins in a way that suggests he perhaps ate a bad fig. On the right, continuing the medical theme, a Bowman Chrome in which DW seems weary, to an extent that makes us want to drive an ambulance onto the field to offer him some glucose and a ride:

2007 SPx, which has three different pics of the Mets third baseman on one card:
How many other sets include three different photos on one card? We ask you.

Lucy's favorite David card of all time, but in WHITE, and numbered 240/660:

We'd never seen this Fleer Patchworks 58/99. We're always impressed when players don't throw the bat after a hit but kind of places it down carefully:
You get the picture, a wonderful packet of Wrights. There were other Mets and then the occasional special "oh here." Such as: Billy Wagner in that incomparably great Topps Special Blue, and even a Curtis:

Then, back to the original question, Is This Anything?:

And you knew it was, in fact, anything. You may even have known it was a Mets Stripey Relic Card! But did you know it was Shiny Level 10 Mike Piazza jersey with Level 10 Stripe?

You see? We told you it was, indeed, something. Chrome the Game, baby:

AND, finally, we present, from this package,

a wax pack of New Kids on the Block cards.

Super Gloss. This group was popular in a period in my life when I had absolutely no awareness of pop culture. Could this be a better reminder of 1989iana?:
Do you suppose he has any hair or Cosby sweater regrets? And wait a minute, isn't that Nick Jonas?:

It turns out, even in the card realm, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

So thank you, Mr. P., very much indeed!

Postscript: To those of you buried in snow, we leave you with this inspired Canadian When Life Gives You Lemons Make Lemonade Suggestion:


The Wax Wombat said...

I always loved those white parallels...

dayf said...

I recognized that stripe the moment I saw it. I have a brother of that stripe on a 2002 Topps206 relic card.

I'm diggin' the Wagner too. lovely blue...

(Oh, methinks you might get another Zito effect sooner than you think, I can't be really sure though)