Mini me.

Everyone probably gets weak-kneed when they receive cards from Cardboard Junkie because it's a little like getting a package from the Smithsonian Cardstitution. You may not be aware of this, but at dayf's rambling estate (people in Georgia prefer not to use the term 'ranch') he has a series of rooms and hallways devoted to cards of every era, and there are non-stop interviews being conducted with him by knowledgable baseball card journalists...well, there should be, anyway.

As is often the case, many of the cards dayf sends get immediately placed into binders. We apologize for this. However, a few remained out because we knew we needed to do an actual post, and so here are those few. This is now one of our favorite minis of all time:
If you're wondering why, we can't exactly express why. Though it may have something to do with our vague memory of being on the actual Queen Mary (not 2) when we were very young, and everyone was overjoyed because my Polish grandma's sister was visiting us from the old country and for some reason we were partying on the QM. Perhaps she arrived on one of Queen Mary's Atlantic crossings (or as the website somewhat indelicately puts it, "Queen Mary 1,001; Titanic 0") or perhaps it was just an event of some sort once she was already here, I don't recall. But my goodness was that a ship! The original Queen Mary, somwhat sadly, is a hotel docked in Long Beach, CA and now the serious tourist ships are crass and grotesque looking, not to mention an excellent place to contract viral infections. I still savor my tyke-memories of the elegance, the sweet uniforms of the ship's crew, the curving wood bannisters, oh my on QM. Anyway, that is a good mini. So are these:

And if you squint your eyes a little, doesn't Mr. Brazell on the left resemble Jason Bay? Just a teense? Oh, come on. Humor us.

Smiling minis:
Here, the field behind Mr. Heilman is pretty:
And how can you not love Hank Greenberg? Answer: you can't not love Hank Greenberg.
This is a classy-looking card of one of the classiest players ever, Roberto Clemente. And, from the sublime to the ridiculous:

Fair warning from Ralphie about what is next: a stunning Zito Effect card. Are you ready?:
On the back we have not only a different photo of Zitolander, but some text written in a Star Trek-esque font that manages to use the word "unnerved" in a cardback sentence. Very pleasing indeed!

Thank you dayf for the Queen Mary memories.


dayf said...

Oddly enough, the Queen Mary was an afterthought. Glad I snuck it in there!

The Wax Wombat said...

It's minitastic!

Field of Cards said...