Six cards in 30: John Maine. And an MLB TV question.

Scanning our Mets/John Maine pages and picking six faves in 30 seconds was actually made MORE difficult by the fact that we don't have all that many JM cards. We had to be very choosy, very fast.
Lucy likes this one because she likes high-knee pitching motion. She so analytical. I like it because it's a pretty blue.
For some reason, the arty cards often have a tough time capturing eyes very well. Still, the Goodwin Champions relic cards are pleasing.
See what we mean about the eyes? Still, we like this image, from the Good Goudeys. You know, as opposed to the Goofy Goudeys, where everyone resembles a Ferengi:
Ah, Goudey, we barely knew ye.

I know we've pointed this out before, but you've got to love the card logo/jersey logo juxtaposition here! Have you noticed the blogtrend towards universal 2010 Topps love?

Here, Johnny leads with his chin.

Here, JM's eyes look real, and kind of sweet.

So, those are the John Maine Six.

Now, here's our MLB TV question. We know ourselves, and if we actually have to research this, no action will be taken. So we are reaching out for your wisdom.

Let's say you don't have cable or satellite because you want your kids to live in a low-impact TV world. Let's say you love the Mets. Let's say you'd like to consider getting MLB TV, or maybe something we don't know exists, like for instance something Metsy on iTunes. Is there a way just to pretty much get Mets games? Not that all the teams aren't interesting to watch, but if you only want Mets games, is there a way to do that? Other than moving back to NYC, which we haven't ruled out, but not for this season. Thank you for any insight you can provide. Surely, in the year 2010, with information access everywhere, there must be a way?


camclow said...

I have a goudey auto of john maine you interested? It was the card of the day on my blog:

here's my email:


Two Packs A Day said...

Mets games - you can get MLB Gameday audio ($20 or $25 or whatever it is) and get all the MLB radio broadcasts for the season, no matter the team, with no blackout.

MLB.TV Premium on the internet - $120 or whatever it's going to be for the season and you can get all the Mets games televised, except for the Mets games vs. the Diamondbacks and Rockies since Arizona and Colorado are blacked out in the out-of-market package where we live.

Best of all worlds is get MLB.TV Premium on the internet and a Roku box so you can watch the game on a tv set rather than having to watch on the computer monitor. I'm assuming you already have DSL and not dial-up. If your computer has an TV out connection, you might not need the Roku box unless the quality is so poor that a Roku box will stream nicer quality video to your tv set.

I bought the roku box last year when MLB.TV Premium signed on and I enjoyed my MLB.TV experience much better to watch it like I did with DirecTV, only this time at a fraction of the price of DirecTV (or Comcast for that matter).

Grand Cards said...

When we bought our house last year we actually cancelled our cable, bought a regular ol' antenna to get ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, the CW and PBS (the totality of which accounts for 80% of our TV watching any way, even with cable). Then, we picked up MLB.TV which is absolutely outstanding. By default you get all the games of every team (unless blacked out) which means you can watch your team of choice with your home announcers--or you can choose to stream the radio broadcasts.

The downsides: You need a fast internet connection to handle the streaming video and you have to watch the games at your computer. You could, theoretically, connect your computer to your TV with the right cables, however.

For an out-of-state fan with no MLB package from DirectTV, it is definitely an investment worth making!

steveisjewish said...

There is no way that I know of to just see the mets - but if you dont have the package of cable necessary to order the extra innings on the TV you can get it far cheaper on the internet and since you are out of market you can watch all mets games there.

Bo said...

I'm pretty sure you can listed to the games streaming from the WFAN web site. I looked at their streaming schedule for the week and they do have a Devils game listed.

The Wax Wombat said...

Yeah, I find myself listening to radio more and my tv viewing has turned to Hulu and Netflix. WFAN is where I get my Mets.

dayf said...

Of MLB.TV, I know nothing. I'll take radio with Jim and Don.

"Have you noticed the blogtrend towards universal 2010 Topps love?"

Well my year-long bannination of 2010 Topps for shenanigans against humanity lasted just over a month, so you might have something there.

Two Packs A Day said...

Grand Cards: you can watch MLB.TV premium without havign to be watching on a computer screen. that is what the Roku box is about - it'll relay the game from an internet connection to a tv set via composite (or HDMI if you have the HD version). Easy hookup and my roku is a wireless internet box so I don't have to have it connected to my DSL router via ethernet cable.

steveisjewish: Extra Innings on cable is about the same price as Extra Innings on DIRECTV - $2xx. Far cheaper at about $120 to get MLB.TV premium on the internet. Plus MLB.TV Premium gets just about all the games (even some the ones not televised using Diamondvision feeds), whereas Extra Innings on satellite/cable only gets those that are televised by Regional Sports Networks.

Bo: WFAN can't stream Mets games on the internet. Streaming rights are exclusive to MLB Advanced Media (the internet arm of MLB) so any MLB flagship station and affiliate station of a team radio network cannot legally stream the games on the internet. You have to buy the audio from MLB with Gameday Audio being a reasonable option at around $20-30/season the last time I looked for audio-only.

I did forget to mention in my original comment that you will also be blacked out of Mets games for FOX Saturday baseball and ESPN Sunday baseball. Since the Mets aren't divisional opponents of the Dbacks/Rockies, I don't think you'll miss more than about 16 games total from that blackout and then any blackouts related to FOX/ESPN SNB. Since we don't see the Mets often here on FOX regional action, you can watch those and the ESPN SNB games on archives the day after the game if you want since archives are included in MLB.TV premium.

JD's Daddy said...

I have done both MLB.TV and MLB extra innings. The one year on the internet was when it seemed likely that MLB Extra innings was not going to be on Comcast. So I watched on my computer for the season. Drawbacks were that you could not watch live (this may be different now) and that there were scrolling stats and stories all over the place and sometimes you would accidentally see the final score of the game you are watching.

I wonder if you can get a cable box that could handle the MLB channels, without ordering cable or HD? hmmm...the package is still around 160 bucks but well worth it.

G_Moses said...

I'm about to blow your mind here....

There is a site, a free site (I don't know how or why) but it has all the sports, repeat, ALL the sports in streaming video.

Go to www.atdhe.net

I've not had any problems with them. It's great for international stuff too.

Some feeds can be poor - but domestic games typically have no problems. Just an idea.