Smart people like baseball cards.

Ok, we're back from our hiatus. We now get to share some of the cards we received while we were in suspended animation. It's true we are behind in the realm of baseball card news and blog happenin's, but we'll catch up quickly.

First we present cards sent by AdamE of the extremely fun Thoughts and Sox blog -- and by cards we mean cards with a twist! For instance, sure, we'd seen this Curtis card, but this version is SHINY:

AdamE also sent some Barrys, including these Barrys that are a) Zito-Effective and b) Zoolanderific:

The SPx color tinges mesmerize us. Here is SPx brown tinge, blue tinge:

These great vintage reprints have a theme: and the theme is, 'Kneeling Pose with Angled Bat:'

Here's 'Donruss Threads Unique Approach' to the nth degree:

and some fine text also:
Good trivia: Dave Winfield "remains the only person to be drafted by four different leagues." And then, 'Golden Gophers,' ok? Now THERE'S an upbeat team name that, to be uttered most effectively, should be spoken by someone with a thick Minnesota accent. Like, for instance, probably Goldy himself. 


Thank you, AdamE!

And in closing, we present one of our favorite bands appearing on our favorite late night talk show in celebration of one of our two wonderful daughters winning First Place in the Science Fair this week with a data-driven project on Earthquake Wave Speeds! A reliable truism: smart is good! Here, Craig Ferguson presents They Might Be Giants, who present the sun from their most recent great CD, Science is Real:


Roy said...

Ever read this article? I stumbled across it a while back. Maybe you'd be interested:


FanOfReds said...

What great tastes, I also LOVE They Might Be Giants!

The Wax Wombat said...

Great band. Great Late Show. :P

Grand Cards said...

Ooh, that is a shiny one! Still one of my favorite Curtis card pictures of all time.

AdamE said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the cards and that I found a Granderson you didn't already have.

MattR said...

Welcome back! :)