2010 Upper Blecch Series 1 blaster.

In Upper Deck's press release announcing 2010 Series I on Feb. 6, the joy was breathless: “Obviously we’re extremely pumped up right now,” said Gabriel Garcia, Upper Deck’s Baseball brand manager. “We really went to task to find the best shots possible of the players, combined with a terrific assortment of autographs and memorabilia cards from baseball biggest stars, past and present.”

UD didn't allude in all that 'happy happy joy joy' to the utter-lack-of-logos aspect of their fiefdom.

And my goodness, the company certainly goes go to great twisting lengths not to show logos!
This fact of logo-lessness proves rather creepy, as it pushes the pursuit of baseball cards from
a legitimate collecting pasttime into the realm of simply amassing little cardboard photos of men wearing pajama-like clothing with no discernibly named team affiliation. How long can this last for UD? Is this product selling?

Wait a minute, the letter C is visible!:
There are quite a few almost-visible helmet letters. Which enhances the awfulness of these two-headed checklist designs:

Anyhow, the 600-base card set is said to include "Signature Sensations" autograph cards, but that's only a rumor in these parts, because we can buy retail only here in Fennoscandinavia. Er, that is, here in the non-densely-populated-hinterlands.

On the upbeat front, hey Darryl Strawberry, you better watch it! Yessirree Mr. Strawbs, there's a promising hitter with the current best name in baseball, Tyler Flowers,

vying for Lucy's affection:
Isn't there something poignant about that shot? What does it bring to mind? Hmmmmm. Oh, yes:

INTERMISSION: In the video below, around 3:15 is the Lucy/Harpo mirror sequence. Why can't there be comedy like this anymore?:

Back to the massively non-logo cardboard. The inserts for this set are said to include Gold Parallels numbered to 99. Didn't see that but there was a lot of other head-scratch inducing stuff. For instance:
Here we are in 2010 still asking why card companies--especially non-logo using ones--insist on placing nonsports cards in baseball card boxes? Why why why? And what use have we for baseball cards such as this?:

All right, sure, maybe we'd be less mystified if it was David Wright surrounded by, say, orange and blue flames. Maybe, but we doubt it. By the way, there was NARY A MET in this box!

nary a met nary a met nary a met nary a met nary a met

Ok, moving on. Here are a few from the 200-card “Season Biography” collection:
One positive is that the bio backs are decent when compared to the base backs:
although UD probably should rehire the graphic design staff.

Little headshots are plunked down in several places on these cards. Sometimes that's good, and sometimes
it's troubling, as when the head in question is a little pointy:

But whatev.

Then there's the 100-gold subset:
The occasional die-cut:
And the cards that make us wonder, why is everyone wearing a red hat?:
And will Mariano survive the green machine that is about to squash him?

You know that JERSEY CARD INSIDE blaster message?

We were, once again, White-Bit-Hafnered:


Upper Blecch victim non-logo-ladenly twistily signing off.


Grand Cards said...

For the record you have seen one of those "gold" cards numbered to 99. It's very subtle, but you've got one!

dc said...

Oh! I noticed the /99 but was too busy being crabby to see the gold foil.

Two Packs A Day said...

out in the hinderlands, you should use the internet to buy boxes. Three great places on the web to buy boxes at great prices and two of them will ship free for a $100 order.

I don't regret my 2010 UD purchase, but I do admit the photos get kind of boring after a while with all that side or twisting view shots rather than an occasional full-on shot of the jersey with wordmark.

Celebrity parody is okay. I hate the fact that some of them aren't totally recognizable (i pulled one with Megan Fox on one side and I had to do some lookup to figure out who the guy was because it wasn't obvious to me and there are no names on the cards). I do like the Pitt/Jolie card because you can separate it into 2 cards if they go splitsville.

Laurens said...

Maybe instead of Jennifer Aniston's caricature, UD's could have commissioned an artist to do a Jessica Simpson caricature - to pair up with John Mayer.

dc said...

Here in Hintylands, occasionally we get sucked in to a blaster for "instant gratification" but ha.

Buying boxes is probably crazy except for set collectors.

White Sox Cards said...

I did pull a Signature Sensations out of retail, but it was of Josh Willingham. They are out there!

madding said...

"Des. Hitter"? Really?

That celebrity nonsense card, which I am proud to say I don't really understand completely, has to be one of the worst things I've ever seen to come out of a baseball card pack. Ick.

Core Contrarian said...

I am sensing that you didn't like it.

NMCLax24 said...

I'll be more than happy to take that Mariano off of your hands.

Unlike you, I quite like the two person checklists, they are cleverly edited. I also don't understand why you don't like the pure heat card. I don't see anything wrong with it. It's reminiscent of just about any insert set from the late 90s, which I love. Lastly, I don't mind the celeb predictors cards. I like the use of charactatured artwork, and the perforated line down the middle allows the two people to be ripped apart when they inevitably break up. I'd certainly rather have one of those cards than the 2010 turkey reds that topps has tried to shove down our throats once more. It's like beating a dead horse; the design is worn out and there isn't even legitimate artwork being used on any of the cards any more. For me the celebrity predictors was a pleasant surprise and a breath of fresh air.

Lastly, I love the All Word insert die cuts! die cuts are totally cool looking if done well, and this set is a great example of good usage.

--David said...

It's amazing how many are "almost" logo-based cards. I'd love to see the parameters for what qualifes as using a logo versus not using one. We've got some examples for sure!

And, if the Hafner gets to bugging you too much, I know a guy in the boonies that would love to give a good home. ;-)

dc said...

Actually, I think it was a bad mood box more than anything. And, um, perhaps also the complete lack of even one single stinkin' Met made us cross...

Fortunately, we can put aside Phillies cards for Capewood. We assume Pure Heat won't melt the others.

Boonies Hafner David, well of course that one's for you! We are away taking workshops for a while but will be back around the 20th at which point we will mail that and a few other items we saved for you.

night owl said...

Prefers the celebrity predictors to Turkey Reds?

Mind. Just. Blown.

Well, you know what they say -- if everyone thought the same, it'd be a dull, dull world. It'd make more sense. But it'd be dull.

The Wax Wombat said...

I, too, am quite shocked at the Turkey Red/Celebrity Whatsits comment. Wow.

capewood said...

I bought 1 blaster of this. I probably won't buy a box of series 2. Considering that UD lost the lawsuit with MLB, I wonder if there will be a series 2.

chris andrew said...

We've been tearing through packs of Upper Deck 2010's on our new video show. Agree the logo less cards are a bit strange, I don't think it's going to go very well for them. Sounds like UD recently reached a settlement with MLB though. Anyway, all the cards we open on the show are free to those who comment for them first. check it out!

NMCLax24 said...

Haha, I figured the celeb predictions vs. turkey red would garner some attention. I wasn't 100% hnest with that statement. I'd prefer Turkeys only because they are actually cards of baseball players. Other than that I think it's laughable that topps produced yet another years worth of turkey red. talk about been there done that. Anyway, I apologize for the blasphemous comment in which i chose celeb predictors over turkey red.