Captain Kirk's wisdom.

I've been having a horrible, wretched, frustrating week, the kind that makes you feel as if there's pressure building up in your head to the degree that your ears itch. So I'm going to take a few moments here to compile some pleasing cards. Because. It's a Pleasing Card Intermission. A PCI, if you will. A medical leave of sorts. I'm working on it right now, and soon James T. and I will present a post that is pleasing. A pleasing post. In the meantime, I also want to thank you all for keeping the baseball card blogularium churning in such a way that there are always some fun and informative posts to read. It's like Pandora's Box...always, there's hope.

By the way, as food for thought while we package our post, do you know what kind of lights Noah used on his ark?

Thank you to the erudite Rod for the nifty Star Trek cards.


capewood said...

I hope your day didn't leave you looking as bad as poor Jim Kirk there.

dc said...

Well, the bodice wasn't ripped.

Don't you love the classic TV reliance on that one neat thin line of blood at the corner of the mouth? Those were the days.

Tunguska said...

Did Noah use flood lights?

dc said...


Peterson said...

I just sent out two packs with these in them...I put one star trek wisdom in each pack...does somebody already "do that" a la seinfeld?