Cards Where Other Things Are Going On.

The main point of this card is that Chad Durbin is pitching. However, the secondary action makes this a better-than-average card. Am I right?

Isn't that Curtis Granderson?

What's your favorite card where the main action isn't the reason why you like the card?


BigD said...

Great topic. Mine is a 1974 Topps Football #274 of Dan Fouts. I was actually planning a post about it soon. I think I'll set it for tomorrow.

Grand Cards said...

That is, without a doubt, Mr. Granderson in the background. Future Card Cameo post it is!

What strikes me about this card is how odd it is. Context suggests that Durbin is making a warm-up pitch given the complete absence of an umpire or batter. Along those lines, the middle infields are nowhere to be seen.

At the same time, Curtis appears to be in ready position and watching the pitch, as though it is about to be drilled to right-center. How strange.

dayf said...

1984 Fleer Glenn Hubbard. The only thing NOT going on in the background of that card is Michael Jackson dancing with the Pope.

Johngy said...

My favorite odd background is a minor league card of an old friend, Rick Stelmaszek.
I wrote about it here (and pictured it)...

There is a woman sitting to the left and behind him who appears to be checking him out.