Jim Bunning Assessment.

"Under increasing pressure from Democrats and members of his own party, Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.) Tuesday night abandoned his one-man filibuster of a one-month extension to unemployment benefits and other programs. In the end Bunning agreed to a deal allowing him one vote on an amendment to pay for the bill’s $10 billion cost. That proposal was offered by Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) last Thursday at the start of his filibuster, but Bunning rejected it because he feared his amendment would not pass....

Thousands of federal highway employees who had been furloughed as a result of Bunning’s filibuster will likely be able to return to work later this week, and unemployment insurance checks will be sent to recipients after several days of delay.

To ensure the deal is enforced, Bunning has placed a hold on all the items included in the nightly 'wrap up,' which normally entails a unanimous consent agreement to pass noncontroversial nominations and bills, a GOP aide said. Once the votes have taken place that hold would be lifted, the aide explained." Roll Call newspaper

So, Republicans are thrifty when out of power and wildly lavish when in power (tax cuts for the wealthy, plenty of war financing, use of reconciliation to push through favorite programs, and so on). On this rare occasion when baseball and politics cross over, what is your assessment of Baseball Hall of Famer Jim Bunning?

Genius? Hypocrite?

And, most importantly, how will this affect the value of his baseball cards?


Anonymous said...

After reading about him on Wikipedia it appears that he is going nuts.

He has been in congress since 1987. I think if there are problems in this country, He a good guy to blame

Scott said...

He's a genius. You believe everything you read on Wikipedia? Using YOUR criteria how long has Dodd been in? How about Rockefeller? 1984. And some others (they don't exactly publicize it...for obvious reasons)? Woops. There. Goes. Your. Argument. Can't blame him. Obama said he is the leader. He wanted the authority, now he has to take the responsibility. Woops. That makes the case.

dayf said...

Are you such a dreamer
To put the world to rights?
I'll stay home forever
Where two & two always makes a five

I'll lay down the tracks
Sandbag & hide
January has April's showers
And two & two always makes a five



I try to sing along
But I get it all wrong

I swat 'em like flies but like flies the buggers keep coming back

Maybe not

"All hail to the thief"
"But I'm not"
"Don't question my authority or put me in the dock"

Go & tell the king that the sky is falling in

When it's not
But it's not
Maybe not

HURHUR said...

Look, I'm very small government (pretty much a minarchist), so while it's cool that someone stands up and tries to be accountable for $10B, where the F has Jim Bunning been over the past 20-30 years when we ran up trillions of deficit over things way way more frivolous than helping out the unemployed?

Also, Jim Bunning in the Hall of Fame and Bert Blyleven not in criminal. He is a very marginal choice.

Another thing Scott: Just because someone disagrees with a Republatard, doesn't make them a Demotard. And the vast majority of his Wiki page is sourced (of course, it's not Newsbusters or Breitbart so I'm sure it doesn't meet your standards).

Anonymous said...

Bunning was the only senator to miss the Senate’s historic Christmas Eve 2009 vote on the health care reform bill. The missed vote was one of 21 in the month of December — nearly half of all Senate floor votes — that the senator skipped. Bunning’s total of 21 missed December votes is one more than the 20 missed by 92-year-old Sen. Robert Byrd, D-W.Va., who is ailing and in a wheelchair.

Dodd is leaving and West Virginia has Rockefeller and Byrd who has been a senator for as long as you are alive. WV is the poorest state in the Union probably because of these guys. Get rid of them they have been there too long.

Look at good old Dick Cheney he has been in the Nixon administration, Congess, Both Bush administration. The reason this country is weaker is because you have been in power too long Dick. Go back to Haliburton and get paid off for giving them a billion dollar contract for a war that did not exist.

gcrl said...

i know a few people that have been temporarily furloughed due to bunning's filibuster, and it has caused a fair amount of chaos within many state departments of transportation.
while i don't know all the details, i would like to think that bunning should have acted differently and allow at least another short term extension of the safetealu legislation.
and to think, he once pitched for the dodgers...

The Wax Wombat said...

Baseball and politics just don't mix.

MMayes said...

The one statement I definitely agree with is that when Republicans are out of power, they are fiscally conscious, but when the were in power for much of the 00s, they seemingly couldn't help themselves. It's something that, as Republican myself, frustrates me to no end. Unfortunately, the allure to use public funding to further secure and entrench oneself in power seems to be irrestible.

Agreed that Bunning belongs in the Hall of the Pretty Dang Good, but so does Blyleven.