Ode to mini cards.

We don't like when there are non-baseball players in baseball boxes.
And yet if this happens with minis,
we wish on card companies no poxes.

The Wisconsin dome collapses, the Empire State doesn't even sway.

Love this Kaz, and look how Jason Bay peers at us from far away.

What are you thinking, Jason Bay? Contemplating Mets Opening Day?

We ran into Jeff once, found him fretful and sweet. This season we hope he won't be beat.

Hey, Pablo. You lookin' at me? You better fall in line;
You, sir, are right next to the author of Frankenstein.

If you tired of cards but encountered a small Young and a little Reyes,

would mini clouds and scuffs help you say Yes?

Yes to tiny cards by Ginter and Goodwin

and oh those T206

that you keep out of order just for kicks?

Some pairings are especially fair dinkum

like putting together Berra and Lincoln.

How would you rate mini cards of classic players? Although a scale of one to ten is plenty,
we'd have to say eleventy.


Mark's Ephemera said...

You, my friend, are a poet extraordinaire.

Kelly said...

I agree. You're very creative.
I'm new to the blogosphere and I'm just getting the hang of things.
Would you mind adding me to your Blog Roll?

tastelikedirt said...


The Wax Wombat said...

Beautiful *wipes tear* Just beautiful..

Cardsplitter said...

That was nice. Especially the minis. I love weirdo non-baseball minis, much better than player minis.

mikepelfreyshouse said...

I love John Maine, but I cant help being creeped out at his smile on that card. Nice T206 Mini collection, those really look great when in a binder!