Reasons to cheer up.

Because Fred will hit bureacrats in the head with his bat. In a nice way.

Defiantly upbeat, Darryl will appear on a shiny, bat bit off-center card that has this back:


Hoyt will be serene. There is little to like about this card, which was apparently designed by somone who had temporarily been laid off from a job designing parking lots. But we love the name Hoyt, and we love that little bit of blue stripe scrunched up into the top left corner of the jersey bit space, yearning to breathe free.

Baseball cards with pictures of more than two players, through the ages, excel. This is a factoid.

We have mixed feelings about Mike, but the point here is, what's going on in the upper right hand corner? Stare at that for a while and it actually brings your blood pressure down; medically proven. Mysterious.

We love love love the Legendary Cuts relic cards. And the old uniforms. And the chaws.

Go ahead, make his day.

Relic cards of HOF players go for relatively little on eBay. We don't understand  this, but like it.

Ah, well there. We feel better.


BA Benny said...

Wow! What a great bunch of cards. Seaver looks like he is getting down to serious bussiness.

White Sox Cards said...

Awesome cards! That Hoyt really has a lot of wasted space. What a shame. So much potential.

night owl said...

I'm glad a happy little post like this makes you feel better. I've got to try that sometime.

dayf said...

Oh man, I needed a post like this. Crime Dog, Hoyt, Carew, Cha Cha... so puuuurdy. Getting me back in my happy place...

lonestarr said...

Ah, that was nice. I feel better now too. Must get a Cepeda relic one day.

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Cardsplitter said...

Parking lots. Great line.