Up the down Stairs-case. And a question!

Forty-two year old Matt Stairs is currently with the San Diego Padres. If he makes the team's opening day roster, it will mark his 12th major league team, the most ever for a position player!

to Boston
to Oakland (probably his most successful stint)

to Chicago
to Milwaukee
to Pittsburgh
to Kansas City
to Texas
to Detroit
to Toronto
to Philadelphia.

Eleven stops in minor league cities and a stint in Japan, and now to San Diego, where he hopes to be a pinch hitter.

Pitchers (such as Ron Villone) have played for 12 teams apiece. A position player has never done that.

He has a quirky left-handed swing. He isn't shy about admitting he always swings for a home run. He is short and, well, he has been, er, stout,

but is in better shape this year thanks to a rigorous (senior) hockey recreation league in Maine. He also claims success on the NutriSystem diet.

He is successful in the eyes of Dinged Corners because we've compiled enough first-hand evidence to add him to our Nice Players List (at right).

So Jamie Moyer is pitching at age 47, Tim Wakefield and Omar Vizquel are playing at 43. We're rooting for you, Matt Stairs. Here's to the Working Men of Baseball.

Here's the question: On the other side of the coin: what young player, unproven but promising, have you decided to collect? Leave a comment and we'll do a post on that. If you are motivated, please email us a scan of your card(s) of that player. We really want to know! Spring fever.


gritz76 said...

Good call on Matty! I met him when he was with the Cubs and he couldn't have been cooler! As far as the youngsters go, I'm still rooting for Sam Fuld. He's fighting for a spot on the bench and has had a horrible spring, so I don't know that's going to work for him.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Johny Cueto, does he still count as unproven?

Peterson said...

post of a champion.

Two Packs A Day said...

James Parr. Ian Bladergroen. Cody Ross. Hopefully soon Brian Cavazos-Galvez and Jordan Pacheco when they get cards in Bowman, Tristar, Razor, or Topps Pro Debut.

Two Packs A Day said...

Matty Stairs, I best like him for his DP show appearance and talking about being ass hammered in regards to a game-ending hit (probably walkoff homer, IIRC). Funny stuff!

as for a player (albeit pitcher) with the most teams, check out Mike Morgan. I believe he holds the record for most MLB teams played for.

word verification: curses. Hopefully the Mets will continue to suffer that in 2010 as they did in 2009. 8-P

dayf said...

I was obsessed with Jason Heyward cards before it was cool.



Note the date of the first post - 1/24/2008. Also note that the package from from "reader NMBoxer". Heh.

The Wax Wombat said...

I'm not collecting these guys by Ike Davis (Mets), and J.P. Arencibia (Blue Jays) are looking pretty good.

GCA said...

I'm trying to start a Brian Matusz collection, but most of his cards are Team USA or minor league autographs that are on ebay for full retail.
He's the pitcher I saw in my hometown (single A ball) and then in Detroit at his debut a couple months later(on the debut anniversary of another of our favorites - Mike Mussina).

shelliebee said...

Jason Giambi...since he came to Denver...he has definatly earned his paycheck as the Rockies DH. He still sports the "Foo-Man-Choo" mustache too!!