Boxed Topps.

Hey guys! We picked up a little tiny Box o' Topps cards. One question that arose as we scanned a batch of cardboard is, whither Mets? Not a one! Lots of Florida cards, though!

This is the high desert Southwest. So Topps. Pssst. Don't send Florida cards to the Southwest. They're lost on us! Just sayin'.

We did kind of like Honus Wagner's befuddled mug on the box. And although we may have been hoping for the Tom Seaver Refractor, this one showed up instead, which is not a terrible consolation prize, except for the B:

There was also some quite respectable midair momentry:

And of course the inevitable gimmick:
And some apochryphal text-writing. For instance, is it true that Kenshin went to Atlanta because there are supposedly 350 Japanese companies in Georgia? Hm:

Also iffy:
The text on the back of this card does not explain why there are 3,000 people not only lining the walls but also on the field! What a lost opportunity. NARRATIVE, PLEASE!

Contained in this box of 55 cards were several depicting four players:
And in this case, four and a half people, if you count the spectators:
A Zito Effect!:
This is a pretty card of Coors Field, a very pleasant ball park. You can take the light rail there, and then take a short, pleasant walk through a nice neighborhood to reach your seats.
Also, the entry to the green green grass view is dramatic and pretty and all classically baseballular:

We end with Reggie Jackson admiring the handiwork of his own 450-foot home run (although it's not entirely clear where he is standing as he does so; where is everyone?):

Anyway, thanks for looking at some baseball cards with us.


night owl said...

Oooh, I like the Jackie. The "B" stands for "Beautiful, beautiful Jackie card. Likey, likey."

dodgerbobble said...


Nice. Very nice.

Two Packs A Day said...

1903 WS: Baseball Reference is your friend. In addition to a photo on their website that matches the one Topps used, BR has this narrative about the incident at
Huntington Avenue Grounds in Boston, MA:

"After Boston's outstanding performance in Game Two, throngs of fans were back at the Huntington Avenue Grounds for Game Three on October 3, an incredible total of over 18,000 persons. In fact, so many fans turned up that they overflowed onto the playing field, and force had to be used to push them back in order to allow players to begin the game. In the end, police moved the crowd to 50 feet behind the diamond, and within 15 feet of the left and right foul lines. A circle of about thirty feet was cleared behind the catcher, and the players were closed off from their bench. It was decided that balls hit nto the outfield crowd would be counted as doubles."

Kenshin - makes sense to me because if there are that many Japanese companies in Georgia, there probably are a lot of people who speak Japanese who he can communicate with to get around. I just don't know why you wouldn't do what other Japanese MLBers have done and have your intrepreter also be the one to guide you with everyday living in a mass of english speakers away from the ballpark.

Alex Gordon - not a gimmick. I know I probably won't be able to acquire the real thing, so I'd be happy to have the reprint in my collection. I haven't purchased the card yet because I'm sitting on two retail boxes yet to open, but if I don't pull a Gordon in those boxes, I will go acquire one from the auction site or a online commons/inserts website.

Reggie Jackson - clear to me where he is - watching the HR from the front edge of the batters box. You can see homeplate partially cropped to the right and what remains of the left-hand hitter portion of the batters box lines.

when I opened my hobby box, I admit I thought 3 inserts was too much. It still kindof is, but I'm digging the history of the game inserts and may try to finish that insert set when I finish opening my 2010 Topps Series 1. Toppstown is a waste of trees and I'd rather have one more base card in each pack than that atrocity.

MattR said...

Coors Field is the nicest park I've seen. I agree about the dramatic entry to the green grass.

Bo said...

Looks like they photoshopped out the ump and catcher from the Reggie pic. You can see the original pic here:

It's funny, I bought an Upper Deck box and a Topps rack pack in Penn Station and got few Yankees, even fewer Mets, and plenty of DBacks and Rockies.