Curious Chicle.

 The C is curious.

 The glare: curious.

 Curious are the faded legs.

 Giant beige diamond lurking behind--curioso.

 Op art background = curiousity-inducing.

 Nolan's chin makes us quite curious about the art.

 Pujols batting where? The Alamo? Curious.

Additional chin curiousity. Chinosity.


NMCLax24 said...

I am going to no doubt love this set! When you say these things are/make you curious, is it in a good way? I think the Nolan chin looks funny because he either has a wad of dip in his lip or he has his tongue wedged between his teeth and lip out of concentration. Were any of those habits of his?

dayf said...

Wow! There's a Babe Ruth jersey relic in Chicle? AWESOME!

Roy said...

I love the tiny red flag behind Colby. An omen?

flywheels said...

I wasn't planning on giving this set my attention, but I like that Chipper and Pujols jersey cards.

dc said...

We're curious because it's an odd set and we're not sure we want anything from it. We may end up as with Goodwin Champions, where we just selected a few jersey and auto cards.