"I left my road grays in San Francicso."

There oughta be a baseball card insert set of misspellings in the big leagues (remember the Washington Natinals?).


tastelikedirt said...

I'm guessing the people who make the jerseys don't get pais as much as the guys who wear 'em.

Field of Cards said...

The funny thing is, with all the publicity this received, if the player signed the jersey and wrote something about the spelling, it would be worth a ton to some San Fran collectors.

Maybe this is all just a clever ruse!

tastelikedirt said...

Yeah, the collectors would probably be fighting over a Eugenio Velez that was spelled correctly imagine what a misspelled one would bring.

The Wax Wombat said...

Hey, error cards are worth money, why not error jerseys?

Two Packs A Day said...

come on, he didn't notice it!!!!!

I bet he writes his name "Eugenio Velze". ;)

Field of Cards said...


Of course the actual authenticated jersey would sell for a lot. Just because it's a fringe player doesn't mean there wouldn't be demand for it.

Whether it should be worth or lot is another debate. But that debate ultimately leads all the way to why square pieces of cardboard hold value.