Might Zito be getting his zing back?

Tonight, Zoolander outpitched Adam Wainwright to win a pitchers' duel. BZ resembled his Cy Young self back when he was with Oakland. He allowed three hits, three walks and struck out 10 over eight innings/114 pitches against the Cardinals.
Pinch-hitter Andres Torres singled in the go-ahead run in the eighth and San Francisco beat St. Louis 2-0. (And BZ's buddy Brian Wilson pitched the ninth for his fourth save in four tries.)
A while back we melded Mets and Zito a little in this post. Well, in a six degrees of separation kind of thang, please note that Wainwright was coming off a complete-game 5-3 win against the New York Mets last Sunday.
So thank you, Barry, for the Amazin' payback.


Thanks to Bailey and Heartbreaking for the Zito/Mr. Met image.


MattR said...

I watched that game on MLB network last night (MLB network rocks!). Mr. Zito did a great job! :)

omegawax said...

Thank goodness! As a Giants fan, I really hope that he can keep this up all season!

unclemoe said...

Go Barry go!


The Wax Wombat said...

All I can say is that I'm glad I picked him up on my Fantasy team during the automated draft, lol.

Field of Cards said...

Boy Zito is fun to watch pitch when he is on. His windup is so balanced and the curves are amazing.

In fact I'm having a blast watching the entire Giants' staff. Sanchez seems to have arrived, even.