Remember the Maine! And the Wright and the Bay. And the Ike!

The Mets just finished one of their best homestands with another victory. The Mets beat the Dodgers, 7-3, to complete a three-game sweep and conclude their 10-game stand at Citi Field with a 9-1 record. That matched the Mets’ best record for a homestand. The Mets were 9-1 from Aug. 16 to 24 in 1969 and again from Sept. 12 to 22 in 1988.

The adorable right-handed starter John Maine (1-1), pitching for the first time since his worrisome but vague left elbow injury in his last start, had his best game of the season and earned his first victory. He allowed three runs, only two earned, and four hits, and struck out nine, including the No. 3 hitter Andre Ethier three times.

Maine gave up an unearned run because of a throwing error by Jose Reyes, who has otherwise been looking okay lately. He allowed a two-run home run to Russell Martin that made it 5-3 in the fifth inning before the Mets pulled away!

Wright had a double and a single and Bay had a run-scoring double in the Mets’ two-run seventh inning. Ike Davis had two hits and a run batted in. Wright Bay Davis, we love you. In 10 games, Davis is hitting .355.

Also Frenchy (thank you dear dayf), Angel Pagan and Alex Cora drove in runs with key hits in the inning.

Is this more attributable to sloppy playing by the Cubs, Braves, and Dodgers, as some wags have suggested, or to improved playing by the lovable losers? A little of both perhaps (the other sides didn't have impressive relief pitchers) but we hope mainly the latter. Although even manager Jerry Manuel--who this week isn't going to be fired--has said the Cubbies, Braves and Dodgers seem to be "going through a downward spiral."

Still. Even our long-laggardly bullpen worked well as Fernando Nieve, Pedro Feliciano and Francisco Rodriguez threw three scoreless innings. And Pelf is a good starter!
Four pitchers? Is the MLB sofffft? But that's another post. Let us end on a rare hopeful, wide-eyed, skipping through the outfeld green green grass note about our home team.

Yes, we realize this is a bit much. But when there's a little good news, why not savor it?


night owl said...

(*sigh*) I had to skim this. It's just too painful to relive.

I tend to agree with Manuel, the Mets caught at least one team at the lowest of the low. But I have a bit of a bias.

night owl said...

The worst part is I completely called this. I was hoping L.A. would squeak out one win, but totally expecting the sweep.

Two Packs A Day said...

when again do the Mets get decimated with injuries and put $100m in players on the DL and AAA-level players are the starting lineup?


dc said...

NO, your boys in blue will come around! It's good to get slumps out of the way early on.

Two, we'll have to do a post on that. Thank you for reminding us. In fact, bringing in the fresh, "inexperienced" players is precisely why the team is working, if you ask us.