Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day.

Our kids always like the fun spirit of Free Comic Book Day, which is tomorrow, May 1. Maybe your kids do too? Or maybe, since we baseball card collectors are a little bit kidful our own selves, we might enjoy stopping by the local comic shop tomorrow almost as much as our children.

Here's a link to all the titles that are available. And here is the Store Locator to find the friendly FCBD shop near you.

Lady Gaga!:

VW Flower Power Bus:

Does anyone remember the TV show?:

John Stanley did later editions of Little Lulu, among other titles. This book is edited (and the cover art is by) the great comic artist known as Seth:

Kids of all ages like DC Kids:

So check it out!


dayf said...

Argh. I have to work tomorrow.

Double Argh. There aren't any participatingshops near my office.

Triple ARGH. The two I pass on the way to work don't open early enough for me to go before work.

AAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHH. FREE JIM WOODRING COMIC FROM FANTAGRAPHICS!!! oh the pain... My local shops never have Fantagraphics freebies anyway.

dc said...

dayf, if our shop has the Woodring, we'll get a copy for you.

The Wax Wombat said...

My local shop has Roger Stern available for signings! :D

Spyboy1 said...

Thanks for the reminder of Free Comic Book Day. With my new job I had missed any mention of it locally and would have completely missed out on it this year otherwise. We still read the ones my son got last year and made sure to stop in today with your help.