A cardboard blast from the TTM past.

We almost forgot how much fun sending baseball cards TTM is until we unexpectedly received this in the mail today:
We also received this:
We sent these cards out well over a year ago--in fact, it may have been two years ago--so it was a nice surprise to have them returned. Mr. Brookens was a handsome rake and has aged gracefully:

That's him on the left, with Detroit manager Jim Leyland.

He focused on his family (including coaching his three girls, now in their 20s, in fastpitch softball) after finishing his career--and good for him!--but since last year he's been back as the first base coach for the Tigers. He has said the reason he and so many other members of the 1984 Tigers went into coaching or managing at the professional level is their manager, Sparky Anderson, from whom it was easy to learn. He became a 12-year major league veteran, playing seven positions (all except pitcher and left field) and batting .246 with 71 homers and 431 RBIs. Mr. Brookens played mostly third base.


Spiff said...

This may be the first time I have seen "a handsome rake" used in a baseball card post. Nice.

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

Tom is from Chambersburg, PA, very near my hometown and my dad met him a time or two at some sort of work function. I hear that he was a pretty decent guy.

dgreen1899 said...

I met Tom Brookens back in 1987 at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. I was 13 at the time. He was a hell of a nice guy back then. He signed 3 cards and hung out ant talked for a few minutes. The only two baseball players that I remember being nice guys Were Elrod Hendricks, and Tim Raines.

Grand Cards said...

Woo! A post about Tom Brookens! By all accounts Tom is a great guy, and surely, someone who signs TTM amidst job changes is worth celebrating.

Just a note: 2010 is his first year as the Tigers' bench coach. He was hired in November to take the place of the departed Andy Van Slyke, so anywhere where you say "2009" is actually 2010.

Beautiful cards and hopefully we'll all enjoy many more years of Tom in the Major Leagues!

paulsrandomstuff said...

I always love getting cards back that I'd forgotten about sending out.

jaxtigerfan said...

As a Tiger fan I always feel Tom Brookens is so undervalued...he was a very good third baseman, and could have had much better numbers if not for Sparky Anderson's constant platooning of players...Brookens should have been allowed to play every day.