Cardboard Gods followup...about one of our own.

There's no excuse for me, really. I'm busy, yeah. I've been taking extra courses and getting certifications and yada yada. I'm assistant-coaching volleyball, we're preparing for Lucy's birthday party (this Saturday, she'll be ten!); making lots of intricate plans for the next few months. Et cetera. All that by way of saying I think I missed an important development. But there's still no excuse.

Yesterday-ish, I posted a fairly thorough review of Josh Wilker's book Cardboard Gods. There were many elements that I didn't mention. For instance, at the end, the author includes an unusual dedication:

I'm sorry this doesn't scan well, but I have an advance proof copy of the book and the illustrated pages are fuzzy and don't come through clearly. The dedications are for Parent, Parent, Parent, Brother, and Wife and include vintage photos of each. The cards are based on the 1975 Topps design. When I saw this page, I almost became verklempt. It's really a lovely and compelling dedication format.

I appreciated it, but didn't look closely at the text of the acknowledgment page. There are many names but one stands out:

Yes, that's the development I missed. Punkrockpaint designed those cards for the dedication page. Apparently he's been too modest to say, "Look what I did!"

Beautiful, Travis.


Motherscratcher said...

Far out, man.

firstngoal said...

Wow. That is a really cool concept for the dedication page. Beats the socks of books that have a blank page with "For Mom" in plain curior new font.

Jim said...

Very cool. I'm already looking forward to reading this book and now I'm looking forward to checking out the dedication page. Nicely done.

PunkRockPaint said...

Thanks! The color pics in the final book look great.

Now that I have bullied Dinged Corners into showing my work, I should also point out the four chapter header cards I helped with. All based on the 1980 Topps Carl Yazstremski card, each is labled as a different "pack" in the position banner. The team banner has the chapter name. Great family photos are the key to the cards, though. I loved the concept!

Lots of people could have done a better job, I'm sure. I was truly shocked that Josh chose me.

Like I said: Lots of people could have done a better job...

Of course, few could rock those cards in MS Paint!

Thanks again for your kind words.