Dallas Braden presents David Letterman's Top Ten List...

...and Alex Rodriguez doesn't.

Dallas Braden of the Oakland Athletics followed up his perfect game Sunday by delivering the Top Ten List on Tuesday’s “Late Show With David Letterman.” Braden’s 4-0 no-no-no over the Tampa Bay Rays  was the 19th perfect game in Major League Baseball history.

The Top Ten Thoughts That Went Through Dallas Braden's Mind
While He Threw His Perfect Game

10. Grandma's right--stick it, A-Rod.
9. I did it! Oh crap, it's only the fourth inning.
8. Seriously, how cool a name is Dallas Braden?
7. Now maybe Justin Bieber will notice me.
6. I must not tell the world I'm Iron Man.
5. This is so [blankety blank] but for $50,000 you can have my glove.
4. This next pitch: eyes closed.
3. Even I've never heard of me.
2. I should at least give up one hit so I don't have to do Letterman.
1. Maybe I can give Kate Hudson a call.


Roy said...


By the way, I love the new banner image with the dogger.

Sports Card Report said...

Ha Ha - that's great, thanks for posting - Braden is from my hometown - Stick it Arod! -

Loney McLonestarr said...

I remember at least three of those from Buehrle's top ten last year..