Eyeblack, bit, tech, gargantuan: a card miscellany.

Jacobmrley, who can't stop himself from being generous for no good reason, sent along a great batch of cards including some 1972 Topps we needed:
Look how this selection almost bowled over Tom Seaver!

 In Action and posed: classic Willie Mays.
Harmon Killebrew wields a terrifying bat and then makes good use of it.
See this sequence?
49 Willie Mays, 50 Willie Mays, 51 Harmon Killebrew, 52 Harmon Killebrew--thus filling a 4-card gap.

Yaz. This baseball card is PERFECTLY dinged. This is Platonic eau de baseball card.

We had never seen these: a Dante old technology card and a Barry Bonds old tech. What is more scarifying, Dante's ginormous eyeblack, or his mullet? Are both of these elements beaten by the Bonds earring?
New (to us) Curtises. His straightforward, no showboating style of play is tops, and ok we admit that we do wish he was on our recently trounced-by-the-Phillies Metropolitans.

A new Zito bit!! The placement of the white jersey over his white pants is rather interesting.
This is great text. Not smoothly written, perhaps, but it tells you exactly what you get, no funny stuff: "the card you've just received contains a piece of an authentic game-worn jersey, WORN BY BARRY ZITO." Well sure, maybe Zeet wore this bit while mowing the lawn, or more likely while burning incense and strumming a guitar, but at least he wore it. Thus, we could submit this as DNA evidence if it ever becomes necessary.
Frenchy! Look at the effort! And a giant, looming Johan, crushing the terrain below his expensive shoes.

Thank you, jacobmrley!

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jacobmrley said...

...you are always welcome. i completely forgot to put something in that package, which will just have to wait until next time.