Hey hey Boo Boo.

As noted earlier, after recently starting a new job as an NPS Park Ranger, it's become necessary for me to apply every waking moment to planning tours, studying the park's interpretive themes and scads of procedures--and this does not allow for much Non-Blitzed Time right now.
This crunch should diminish after adapting, one hopes, but in the meantime here are my two encounters with park visitors this week that relate to baseball. Because New Yorkers are a rare commodity out here, when they do appear we find each other. For instance, yesterday I said to one woman, "Flushing?" and she knew this remark had nothing to do with the water closet. "Bayside!" she replied.

Shortly thereafter, a Mets-hat wearing gentleman told me that his family had at least one family member in attendance at every Mets game at Shea Stadium over the past ten years. When I asked him his assessment of Citi Field, he said that neither he nor anyone in his clan had been there yet. (For quite the opposite stance, see Paul's Random Stuff for a cool Citi Field tour.)

Then a gentleman who had RVed himself, his wife, and four lovely children all the way from Port St. Lucie, Florida said he stopped watching baseball in 1994 because of the strike and had never gone back. Even though he lives in the spring training home of the Mets!

Both of these statements point to a truthiness we'd rather not contemplate. :(

On a happier Metnote, look at this spectacular card we received from the kind and insanely generous Gentleman David at Tribecards (for whom we compiled a small package that should, at our current rate of speed, be mailed out no later than 2012):

It's shiiiiny!
We wonder if a modest stick of dynamite might liberate Mr. Wright from his lucite lockdown.


Anthony K. said...

I really like the eTopps cards.

I have two of Javier Vazquez and would really like to pick up more.

Awesome card.

Spiff said...

Nice looking Wright. If you want to take it out just remove the seal and slightly pry out the side snaps. The case will open right up. I have never had a problem getting any eTopps that I got out of their cases. Glad to hear the job is coming along well.

--David said...

You are VERY welcome! :-) I thought about taking it out, but decided I would let you decide if you wanted it liberated or not. :-)

As long as those cards you plan to send get here by Dec 21, 2012, I think we'll be okay. If it's after that, I'm afraid we may not be here for it (that is a big-time joke, lest anyone think I believe all that 2012 stuff...)

beardy said...

Totally awesome that you are a Park Ranger! That's what I want to be when I grow up.

jacobmrley said...

I just moved to Queens recently (don't worry, the NJ address will still be valid) and I recently made my first trek to Citifield and lemme tell ya, people are giving it a bad rap. It is clean, the sight lines are good, it has been much more "Mets-ized" from what i gather from the complaints last year, and better than that, the Mets won - my first in person win in more than 2 years!!! The people who complain about Citi over Shea are just mindless nostalgics who don't like change on any level. That said, they could easily bring in that left field wall about 20 feet and drop it about 10.

In my move I finally found the small surprise I forgot to put in your last 2 packages, and hopefully, I will have that and some other stuff out to you soon.