Owings and Moyer vs. the Mets. Case unresolved.

As you may know, we like the Mets. But we also like (and collect) Micah Owings

and Jamie Moyer:

When these guys beat the Mets, how do we resolve our conflicted feelings? In the case of Mr. Moyer, despite rooting for the old guy our rivalry with the Phillies is victorious. Sorry, Jamie.

With MO it's tougher. Do you ever have this problem? Root for a team, but like certain individual players that play AGAINST your team on occasion?

Good lord let's hope there's no Subway Series*, because then it would be Curtis vs. the Mets.

Yes, you meanies, we fully realize a Subway Series* is highly unlikely unless the Mets discover consistency.  Meanies.


night owl said...

I didn't say anything :D

My team wins out over any individual 100 percent of the time. I'm a team guy.

paulsrandomstuff said...

With the major leagues, I'm pretty much just rooting for my team. I try not to get attached to any particular players.

At the minor league / independent league level, it's harder. You actually have the chance to interact with the players and I can't quite bring myself to root against the guys on the opposing team if they're nice. (Conversely, I have a hard time rooting for the guys on the home team if they act like they're too good for the fans.)

Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I'm a team guy too, but do root for many various players when they aren't playing the O's.

mmosley said...

Mets all the way!