We lack the oxymoron Met.

We face a deafening silence when it comes to Angel Pagan. O heavy lightness.
How can this be? Well, it just is. Mr. Inside-the-Park Homerun (thanks pete27) and Triple Play In the Same Game is a card collection area in which we are sadly lacking. We will start by seeking this 2002 Bowman Heritage, which is a nice-looking hunk. Of cardboard, that is.

When we realized that we don't have any Angel Pagan cards other than 2010 Topps, we came upon this impressive site, The Amazing Shea Stadium Autograph Project, in which handmade Shea Stadium cards are sent TTM to Mets who played from 1964-2008. That's where we came upon this post about Mr. Pagan. This is a nifty way to collect your team and not always rely on the evildoer card companies. We'll add Amazing Shea to our blogroll when we can fix the mysterious glitch that isn't allowing us to add anything new to Sonically Sealed. Has anyone else had this adding-to-the-blogroll problem?

This is another sweet card, posted in October 2008 by great Mets fan Paul's Random Stuff:

And it looks from the evidence as if Mr. Pagan is not averse to signing TTM. This one is from Sports Autos TTM, and reveals quite an alarming decline in penmanship:
As we fix these card omissions, in the meantime, Mr. Pagan, we know you'll continue to hustle.


capewood said...

I think I have that Topps '52 card (without the autograph of course). I'll pull it out for you.

Bo said...

Have you seen this blog? It's really pretty cool. And I'm saying this as a Yankee fan.

And what's even cooler is that the blog's artist is the guy who designed the Mets uniforms in the eighties.

pete27 said...

No problem ;)