Checking in! and a Topps 2010 Series Two pack.

We're almost back--three more projects, two more weeks of school, and we'll have days off again! Today for the first time in forever we had to run an errand (done expertly fast, between classes, at Target, our PBOS* of baseball cards) and we picked up a single pack of 2010 Topps Series  2. We are always determined to find something to like on at least three cards in a 12pack, no matter how stinky the assortment might be. This pack is a pleasing tentative return to Cardboardville because we found one card we loved. It is good to experience a flash of that hopeful, gee whiz feeling when looking through a pack. Here he is:
This is a mockup, correct? This card doesn't actually exist, no? Normally we'd google and find the answer but don't have time right now. Anyhow, on the back of the "Vintage Legends" series my only quibble is maybe Topps could explain what it's doing. As in, "this is a mockup," or "we did a reprint of this card because it was one of the most sought-after or toughest to get" or "this was a popular bike spoke card" or whatever. A little card history about the cards themselves, Topps, when you go all vintage on us, along with baseball history, would be sweet. Do you agree? Aren't we about cards as much as baseball?

Then there was this:
which we like because it is a classic midair moment, and because it contains seven human limbs but only one baseball cap.

This one is good too, because it contains two baseball players, ten spectators, and a fellow's rear end. Our guess is he has just delivered his buddy a $14 hot dog and would like to wiggle back into his seat. Can you imagine being immortalized in this manner on a baseball card? It would not be ideal.

Anyhow, we're looking forward to getting some more cards and getting back into the mix come August. See you soon!

*pathetic but only source


night owl said...

Thanks for checking in!

You'll be getting back as I'll be getting busy. Guess that's the way it goes.

MattR said...

glad to see you back! :)

natscards said...

Oh man, no kidding about that vintage legends card. That thing is Suh-weet. Must. Have. Oh, and yes, it is a mockup.

DC said...

Hi Greg! What will be the source of your busy-ness uptick?
Hi Matt!
Hi Nats, you're new to us but we've added you to the blogroll!

Mark's Ephemera said...

Yea! This is like finding a ten dollar bill in a sports jacket you haven't worn since last year.

Thanks for posting. Looking forward to more.

night owl said...

The source: Work. Planning for the start of high school/college sports craziness.

GCA said...

Those Vintage Legends are superstars mocked up in designs decades before or after they played.
There are still "Mama" cards that are reprints of real ones with the story on the back.
When you get both in a pack, it can be kinda confoozling.