Allen & Ginter blaster for you. UPDATE.

Packs five through eight have been added at the bottom of the post.

Remember, other than Mets, if you need or want any of these cards, just email us with your address, and we'll mail them out tomorry.

First pack:
6 Bumgarner
52 Floyd
64 Beckett
TDH43 Broxton
L0212 Cronos:
Pray tell, did Mr. Cronos hit his thumb with a hammer? You'd think the leader of the Titans would be a little more circumspect.
205 Keflezighi

Pack two:
TDH64 Hamilton
70 Votto
137 Zimmerman
146 Lee
313 Doumit

Pack three:
Uh-oh! We need to keep two from this pack, one for each kid--Jordin Sparks for the teen and a Chihuahua for Lucy. Ok?
Here are the lesser, puny, mewling shadows of cards, so very unchihuahua, included in the Chi-Sparks pack:
TDH20 Sabathia
31 Montero mini (Ginter guy back)
49 Mejia
171 Young
268 Kilby

Pack Four:
Sacagawea looking...old? Our daughter pronounces this 'Sah KAH jah way ya' and it sound right. Is it my imagination or does Mr. Dunn bear a slight resemblance to her?
2 E. Cabrera
TDH1 Utley
338 Liriano
347 O. Cabrera mini

Pack Five:
THD59 Pence
MM10 Brachiosaurus:
7 Howard
147 Guzman
154 Francisco
287 Brees

Pack Six:
101 Buehrle
170 Gonzalez
246 Sito mini
270 Poser:
TDH24 Votto
Checklist Two
332 Nolasco

Pack Seven
148 Donovan
224 Stewart
265 Morales
TDH75 Rivera
286 Revolving Door
Crack the Code :(

Pack Eight

54 Hawk
71 Pence mini (Ginter back)
256 Porcello
269 Burnett
344 Holland
TDH62 Youkilis

So...hmm. Hmm. Er. We like the chihuahua and the revolving door!


Captain Canuck said...

Welcome back! I hope it's for awhile this time.

Mr Dunn RC and the Brachiosaurus if you please.

dkwilson said...

Welcome back! Thanks for the generous offer. I sent you an email. I'll send you some Mets cards in return. Thanks!

Play at the Plate said...

Sending an email. Thanks!

jacobmrley said...

hey! i thought maybe new mexico had fallen into the earth...

i need the following cards:

64 Beckett
137 Zimmerman
171 Young
146 Guzman
289 Brees
101 Buehrle
265 Moralez
286 Revolving Door
256 Porcello

any you can send would be most appreciated.

and welcome back!

JD's Daddy said...

Hi, if you would be willing to trade me any of the minis that you have available, I would be happy to send you a nice, shiny Ichiro T205 from Tribute. Please email me at Fenwaymac@yahoo.com and let me know if you want to trade!

dayf said...

Does no one want poor Chronos? Send him my way, I will hug him and squeeze him and give him a band-aid for his boo-boo thumb.

I've got a package almost ready to go for you, but I misplaced a card. I'm a bit of a mess at the moment.

dayf said...

I found the card! Package is ready.