Blogger challenge: Fierce Foreheads.

We challenge all readers, lurkers, and bloggers: send us a picture of your fiercest forehead baseball card--preferably one in your collection. We'll post them all and then have a community vote. We need to play more as a group, and since we can't flip 'em, we will post 'em instead.

Can you enter more than once? Of course, this isn't Moscow. What if there's a tie? There'll be two victims. We mean victors. What is the prize? The UNDYING ADMIRATION of the baseball card blog community and possibly something else based on your favorite team.

Let the ferocity begin!


dogfacedgremlin said...

Does it have to be a baseball card?

Paul said...

Here's my best entrant:

1980 Topps Gil Flores

The shadows hide his forehead a bit, but Flores is trying his hardest to look fierce. :)

Matthew Glidden said...

My fiercest forehead on a baseball-related card? Check out Charles Bickford from the The Babe Ruth Story set.

#5 Brother Matthias

Bo said...

Here's mine:

dc said...

dogfacedgremlin, is this a trick question?

the only requirement: fierce forehead. we find that we can't insist on baseball cardboard, because at our core, we don't like rules. even our own.

Steve D said...

couldn't find a pic online and don't have a blog so i emailed you some fierceness