Final call for fierce foreheads!

From Mark's Ephemera we received the following three cards. Do you like Brett Favre with a cheesehat forehead, nearly impaled by goal posts, and tiny helmet in foreground?:

"Behold my forehead."
His shininess:

The following three are from the great gcrl, beginning with Gibson:


Yes, inset foreheads are acceptable:

From Alex, we celebrate this amazing hockey card forehead:

Here we took the liberty of finding a picture of a card dayf mentioned, thus breaking our own rule that we would prefer scans of cards that bloggers and readers actually own. He undoubtedly owns it, but this isn't dayf's own personal copy. Still. 1) rules are made to be broken and 2) LOOK AT THAT FOREHEAD. Do bald pates have an unfair advantage?

Here are entries from the insanely creative punkrockpaint:


wrinkly and running:


We will provide a forehead poll shortly. Ouch, that sounds painful.

....and here are the cards from our original post:

From Shane D., Mr. Harrist happily models a perfect forehead, as its fierceness is enhanced to a degree that renders its size at least equal to home plate.

Also from Shane D., we have a Steve Howe. He often looks 12 years old on his baseball cards, but here his age has skyrocketed to roughly 19. Is it our imagination, or did old-style caps gargantuanize foreheads?

From Steve D., who doesn't have a blog but is willing to play, we have this card of Dave Stewart, whose forehead looks fierce enough--and then is helped along by his perfect "you talkin' to me?" expression.

Another fine Steve D. card: We can't rotate this because we're lame, but the sideways effect is OK because it makes Harold and his eyeblack look like a living emoticon. His forehead is certainly scrunched; the question is, would you call that a fierce scrunch or a worried scrunch?

This contribution from Pulitzer-Prize winning blogger (well he would be if they had Pulitzers for bbc blogs, which they oughta) Night Owl is impressive, and quite satisfying in ferocity, until you see N.O.'s second contribution:
The shine! The square footage! The forehead balancing the name circle!

Here's a contribution from Matthew G. of the classy Number 5 Type Collection. We'd say something about this one, but we're frightened and must hide under the dining room table.

This one from Bo is good because not only is the forehead in partial shadow, but there's something written under the lid of the cap. However, it's the following contribution that rocks, because of Bo's narrative for it:

"Darren Lewis grits his forehead"

Now that's good baseball card blog writing!

Last but certainly not least is this contribution from Paul:
Excellent not only regarding foreheads, but because this card could also qualify in other categories, such as: "tiny hats," "massive eyebrows," and "crooked yet impressive mustaches."

Thanks to all of you for participating. The poll will appear tomorrow Wednesday (just in case we get more contributions before then). Those too lazy to suggest cards will, perhaps, at least find the time to vote. ;)


dayf said...

I swear I've been looking for my 1960 Topps Bobby Malkmus card. I'll find it soon...

Mark's Ephemera said...

I didn't hang out near the computer too much this weekend. Sorry for the late entry.

My Fierce Foreheads. Well, not mine, but some cards.

Alex said...


Jason Dawe 91/92 Hockey card. Not the best scan but the head is so big, his hat barely fits on top.

PunkRockPaint said...

Sorry, mine is late... I hope you can show my three-foreheads to the world.


dayf said...

Still haven't found Bobby.
I found some others though. I'll have a post up whenever (if) I get off of work.